Retech godet rolls designed to meet critical requirements in the production of synthetic fibres

Retech godet roll

Godet rolls are essential components in the production of synthetic fibres. These heated, ambient or cooled rolls help achieve the perfect yarn quality for a range of materials and applications when it comes to heat treatment for filament fibre applications. Retech’s heated godet rolls are designed to meet critical requirements: delivering precise temperature control tailored to each material and maintaining consistent temperature levels throughout the process. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including single-zone or multi-zone heating via induction, Retech’s designs guarantee accuracy and precision in temperature profiles, thereby ensuring constant yarn quality with every production run.

In addition to the energy-saving motors and energy-optimised heaters, a very important part of the Retech godet concept is the long service life and the associated permanent availability, thus reducing machine downtimes and customer claims. Therefore, Retech has equipped its godets with additional measuring elements in order to be able to react preventively to possible damage and subsequent failure.

Thanks to the sophisticated, innovative and proven temperature measuring transmission system – UTR-6A, which measures the temperatures in the rotating godet and transmits the data to the temperature controller UCR-6 for processing without contact, it is possible to take further measurements, collect data and evaluate them. To protect the godet, the bearing system, the induction heater, the ongoing production and ultimately the sustainability of the entire process and the godet itself.