Spanish textile companies driven by innovation and customisation

Maintaining their long tradition of being pioneers in the domain of textile technology, Spanish companies have been leaders when it comes to servicing the precise needs of customers across the globe Spain has a long tradition of textile manufacturing. The Spanish textile technology companies bring great knowledge to the global market with their continuous innovation […]

Emtec Electronic’s Tactile Sensation Analyzer measures nonwovens’ haptic quality quickly and reliably

Studies indicate that the way a fabric feels to the touch — i.e. its handfeel — strongly influences a consumer’s decision to buy. Traditionally, manufacturers of textiles and nonwovens use handpanels comprised of individual judges to assess a material’s haptic properties. This can be a time-consuming process and is often influenced by several external factors, […]

An objective number for softness: emtec Electronic’s Tactile Sensation Analyzer measures nonwovens’ haptic quality quickly and reliably at INDEX™ 20

Emtec Electronic presents state-of-the-art device for the objective measurement of fabric softness at the INDEX™20 trade convention from October 19-22 in Geneva, Switzerland. The emtec presentation begins at 1:30 p.m. on October 19 in Room “R”. Studies indicate that the way a fabric feels to the touch — i.e. its handfeel — strongly influences a […]

Haren Textiles and Intex ERP redefine accuracy and efficiency in textile mills

Haren Textiles Private Limited is an ideal example of where a traditional mill evolves into a future-ready textile mill towards achieving Industry 4.0 through digital technology, real-time tracking and seamless management information system through ERP A 57-year-old company with actually a history of 81 years, Haren Textiles (P) Limited was started in 1964 by Krishna […]

ANDRITZ Nonwoven Using technology and innovation to stay ahead of the game

The company has manufacturing facilities and technical centres worldwide that comply with international standards, thus guaranteeing comprehensive quality assurance and quality control practices. It shares technologies and unites market experience with cultural diversity and well-established customer and supplier relations all along the value chain ANDRITZ Nonwoven is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies […]

Atlas Copco introduces ‘Pneumatech’ in India

Atlas Copco – a leader in compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools, and assembly systems, announced the introduction of its brand – Pneumatech in India on the successful completion of the brand’s 55 years global operations. Pneumatech is a leading compressed air treatment and gas generation equipment manufacturer, under the Atlas Copco Group with […]

Bouckaert’s growing share of polyester acoustical panel market

Bouckaert Industrial Textiles is pleased to announce it’s further investment in its growing share of the polyester acoustical panel market. BIT hopes to continue its success in this space with the purchase of several pieces of new equipment that will be installed starting in 2021. Bouckaert first entered the polyester acoustical panel market two years […]

FET installs new Spunbond system at University of Leeds

Fibre Extrusion Technology Ltd, UK has completed the installation and commissioning of a new FET Laboratory Spunbond system for the University of Leeds. FET has built an excellent reputation in melt spinning technology over three decades, with expertise in nonwoven processes for difficult to process materials. This step represents a significant technological development and a […]

Truetzschler welcomes you to SINCE/ANEX!

The pandemic shows the importance of single-use nonwovens for disinfectant and other wipe application. Therefore Truetzschler focuses on both high-performance solutions for an efficient production of disinfectant and biodegradable wipe materials. It’s the classic combination of polyester and viscose fibers which combines exceptional good wipe characteristics with affordable raw material costs. For such high-speed carding/spunlacing […]

A new antimicrobial solution for PPE and sanitary products

Parx Materials’ technology prevents bacteria and viruses without biocides Antimicrobial additive start-up, Parx Materials has successfully developed a new polypropylene (PP) non-woven material that resists bacteria. The latest test results show that the material is effective against strains of E.coli, Staphylococcus and Candida Albicans, achieving a Class AAA rating for use in medical masks, protective […]