SAHM’s pioneering winding technology at Techtextil Frankfurt


SAHM, the world’s leading technology provider for precision winding machines, will be represented at Techtextil Frankfurt in a joint booth together with its sister company STC Spinnzwirn.

The focus will be on two key SAHM winding machines serving different areas of application.

The first is the TWINSTAR II, an automatic precision cross winder that is already established as the global industry standard in the high-performance fibers market. The machine now features a new Flexible Traverse Option, which enables full customization of the traverse width, package shape, package positioning and yarn reserve. The TWINSTAR II offers outstanding winding precision for a wide range of materials, yarn thicknesses, package sizes and shapes. TWINSTAR II – for peak winding performance customized exactly to your needs.

The second machine, the SAHM 780XE, shows its strengths in the monofilament and monofilament-like materials segment. Users value this parallel winder for its automatic optimization of the laying stroke during package build-up. Fast and efficient product changes as well as bobbin changes without waste and downtimes are further great features of the SAHM 780XE.

With these winding machines, SAHM continues to set standards in terms of innovation and adaptability, impressively underlining its pioneering role in winding technology.

Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Eschwege, Germany, and offices in Fountain Inn, S.C, USA and Guangzhou, China. It is a leading manufacturer of winders – not only for monofilaments, but also for tapes, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, high performance fibers, non-woven tapes, security tapes, etc. SAHM belongs to the STARLINGER Group, Vienna, Austria.