A Frontrunner In ESG – Welspun Advanced Textiles, India’s Largest Spunlace Capacity

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Welspun World is one of the fastest-growing global Indian conglomerates. The company has achieved recognition as a worldwide leader in various sectors including Home Textiles, Infrastructure, Line Pipes, Warehousing, Oil & Gas, Steel, Advanced Textiles and Flooring Solutions.

The Group has recently unveiled a new brand identity which symbolises exponential growth, adaptability, and flexibility to better navigate the evolving landscape, thereby uncovering novel opportunities. Earlier, two wings making the ‘W’ in the logo have made way for two tick marks making the ‘W’ now, and the new logo is named ‘The Exponent’. The logo encapsulates the company’s values through the acronym LITE—Learning, Innovation, Trust & Transparency, and Endurance—fostering a stronger rapport with customers while encapsulating the essence of the company.

Welspun India, a leader in home textiles, has established itself as a powerhouse of innovation and excellence. With an impressive 37 patents under its belt, Welspun boasts of a robust innovation portfolio that stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to future advancement. This commitment is further bolstered by their in-depth consumer research, ensuring that their offerings are not only cutting-edge but also resonate deeply with customer needs. With an expansive arsenal of 360 degree Partner Solutions Capabilities, Welspun World’s collaborative approach is evident, fostering a network of creative partnerships that drive progress.

Keyur Parekh, Global CEO, Welpun India

Welspun distinguishes itself through its meticulous approach to sales and supply chain management & Consumer analytics. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, the company adeptly navigates market dynamics, employing demand forecasting to anticipate customer needs accurately. Their unique sourcing capabilities allow them to secure materials efficiently and sustainably, underpinning a seamless supply chain that spans geographies. Welspun World’s commitment to customer delight is further reinforced by their comprehensive category planning, which ensures a well-rounded product range. Across the board, their supply chain analytics foster operational excellence, enabling to consistently exceed customer expectations and maintain its reputation for unparalleled satisfaction.

At the core of Welspun’s success is its vertically integrated state of the art facilities, allowing them to maintain stringent quality control and a streamlined production process. Their distribution centres strategically placed in North America, Europe, and Asia reflect their global reach and commitment to serving diverse markets. As a definitive Market Leader, Welspun World’s influence is not just felt within the industry but also echoes across the market landscape. Yet, their leadership extends beyond business prowess.

Welspun World’s dedicated focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles sets them apart, embodying a strong sense of responsibility towards sustainability. Their well-defined roadmap and ambitious targets showcase a dedication to making a positive impact. Welspun World’s journey exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovation, leadership, and ethical responsibility, setting a gold standard for the industry and beyond.

Welspun India, Welspun World’s flagship subsidiary that operates the home textiles business is actively engaged in endeavours to reinstate ecological equilibrium across Air, Water, and Land domains. The focal point of the Welspun team’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives is the aspiration to “Restore Ecosystems” within the communities it operates. This thematic alignment corresponds with the Group’s ethos of comprehensive growth.

Welspun India has implemented a unique project in the area of water management at Anjar, Gujarat through the establishment of a 30 MLD Sewage treatment plant to meet its water requirement and eliminate the usage of any fresh water for its manufacturing processes while at the same time maintaining high level of hygiene in its surrounding communities. The project has a capacity to recycle nearly 7 billion litres of sewage water annually which is also distributed to help nearby communities with clean water, as the company aims to leverage the size and influence of the organisation to make a powerful positive impact in the life of local communities and in preserving the environment.

In the textile industry, Welspun India has emerged as a beacon of ESG due to its robust environmental and social performance, coupled with effective governance. This commitment to sustainability is evidenced by its placement in the upper echelons of global firms, as evaluated by the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

In tandem with its expanding influence, the company has implemented a pioneering, multi-tiered traceability system using block-chain technology known as ‘Wel-Trak 2.0.’ This system empowers the tracking of finished products back to their origins in raw materials. Welspun World’s emphasis on research and development is substantial, and its pursuit of innovative solutions and customized products is underscored by collaborations with institution, innovation centers and start-ups. This has led to the creation of impactful products like Comfina, Dual Action 3D, and Welscrub, which hold significance in medical, fem-care, and automotive applications.

Welspun Advanced Textiles, the vertical under Welspun India that operates Advanced textile business has the capability of both woven and nonwoven manufacturing and as leaders in both ways – capacity and innovation, the company looks at inventing new fabrics which will expand and enhance customer experience and industry applications. By leveraging consumer insights and the limitless manufacturing possibilities, Welspun India has transformed into an end-to-end solution provider and strategic partner to its customers with consumer-led innovation as its bed-rock.

The triad of nonwoven technologies—Thermobond, Spunlace, and Needlepunch—coupled with a dedication to product development, has become the foundation of Welspun India’s success. With a diverse array of non-woven offerings and their patented innovation ‘Multi-Layer Composite Filter Media and Method of Making Same’ patented in both India and Europe, Welspun World serves various sectors, encompassing the creation of hygiene, Femcare, and personal care items, disposable industrial cleaning devices, medical disposables, artificial leather substrates, as well as substrates for automotive and industrial filtration systems.

Welspun Advanced Textiles offers a wide array of nonwoven solutions with 100% sustainable & biodegradable fabrics. The vertical has committed substantial efforts to crafting Spunlace blends and configurations, with a specific focus on serving the hygiene sector. This sector holds a significant presence within both the Indian and European markets.

Welspun holds the capacity to handle a complete spectrum of recognized cellulosic fibers, encompassing cotton, bamboo, viscose, and lyocell and also possesses advanced post-processing capabilities that yield antimicrobial finishes, dyed-printed-coated fabrics, and CSC products.

Nonetheless, a prominent distinguishing feature of the company is its proficiency in creating bespoke and individually tailored goods to meet the specific needs of its clients. The ability to run cellulosic fibres has enabled them to provide quality alternatives to their customers in the European Union, who are subject to the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive.

Along with customized spunlace fabric for specific functional needs, Welspun Advanced Textiles also offer wet wipes and cosmetic sheet masks. Welspun Advanced Textiles possesses state-of-the-art cutting-edge non-woven technologies [High-pressure water jets (Hydro-Entanglement), Metallic needling (Needle Punching) and High-temperature bonding (Thermo-Bonding)] to manufacture high-performance innovative materials, for a wide range of customer applications, including personal hygiene [ femcare, babycare ], homecare, medical, inherent FR liner fabric for Turnout gear & Arc protection clothing, industrial [ filtration, geotextiles, automotive ] among other segments.

Welspun Advanced Textile’s recent high-speed installation in Hyderabad has been designed for adaptability to future technological advancements, reflecting the company’s commitment to expanding its global presence and diversifying supply lines. Notably, the company’s products, especially in the wet wipes segment, have garnered substantial demand in European and American markets. Collaboration with multinational corporations has fortified the company’s foothold in these markets. Demonstrating resilience during periods of uncertainty, while unwaveringly upholding their innovation principles, is seen within Welspun World as a hallmark of a sustainable enterprise. Their strategic approach is meticulously designed to consistently boost their business catalysts, elevate their position within the global sector, and generate value for both their stakeholders and society on a grand scale.

To enhance process efficiency, the company invests in Industry 4.0 technologies, incorporating artificial intelligence, digitization, automation, and Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Welspun’s emphasis on quality, efficiency, and timely delivery is evident in its focus on “First-Time Right” products and specialized shop floor equipment.

“At the forefront of India’s non-woven sector, we lead with our substantial capacity, driven by a commitment to innovation, exceptional performance, and a sustainable future. Embracing our spun lace and needle punch capabilities, we’re prepared to make a lasting impact,” Keyur Parekh, Global CEO, Welpun India.