Rajshree Group of Industries: Leading the way in Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Solutions

Nonwovens Technical Textiles
Harsh Kansal, C.E.O., Rajshree Fabrics

Rajshree Group of Industries stands as a beacon of excellence in India’s industrial landscape, recognized for its paramount position as a premier manufacturer and exporter of polypropylene spun bond non-woven fabrics, melt blown fabric, absorbent products, non-woven bags, facemasks, FFP/N95 masks, disposable bedsheets, and a plethora of other cutting-edge offerings. The company’s diverse product range caters extensively to the industrial, medical, hygiene, packaging, and retail sectors.

The company’s innovation-driven approach is reflected in its remarkable product spectrum. This encompasses anti-microbial and anti-viral PP spun bond non-woven fabric, Meltblown non-woven fabric, absorbent products, coated/laminated non-woven fabric, as well as distinctive offerings like printed BOPP laminated shopping bags, facemasks, FFP/N95 masks, bouffant caps, shoe covers, and sanitary napkins. Distinguishing itself from competitors, Rajshree Group holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, underscoring its unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality.

With an annual production capacity of 16,000 tons of non-woven fabrics, the company further bolsters its reputation with CE and BIS marked products. It is renowned for consistently delivering unmatched quality and ensuring timely order fulfillment. With a decade-long track record of exporting to numerous countries, the company’s customer-centric and pioneering approach remains at the forefront. Rajshree Group made a notable debut at TTL 2021, defying the challenges posed by the pandemic. The event witnessed a substantial footfall, attributed to the organizers’ effective promotional strategies, showcasing the company’s resilience and relevance even during testing times. In terms of the future landscape of India’s technical textiles and nonwoven segment, Rajshree holds an optimistic perspective.

Projections indicate that the Indian technical textile industry is set to outpace even China’s annual growth rate. The company is strategically focused on segments such as Oekotech, Protech, and Mobiltech, envisioning a substantial share of 28% for India’s technical textiles industry by 2024-25.

Notably, while the Packtech segment demonstrates steady growth, it is also expected to experience a more moderated growth rate.

Rajshree Group of Industries continues to ascend as an industry leader, propelling the realms of technical textiles and nonwoven solutions to unprecedented heights. With its steadfast dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, the group stands poised to shape the future trajectory of India’s industrial landscape.