BRÜCKNER presents new machine concepts and solutions for various applications in IDEA

finishing Nonwovens

For more than 70 years BRÜCKNER has been the world leader in the construction of drying and finishing lines for the textile and nonwovens industry. In the nonwovens sector, the German family-owned company supplies worldwide thermofusion ovens, dryers, coating and heat-setting lines. On the IDEA 2022 trade fair in Miami, USA, BRÜCKNER presents together with its American representation FI-TECH new machine concepts and solutions for different applications in the mentioned fields. Convince yourself in a personal conversation with our experts of the innovative technologies of BRÜCKNER. Visit us on our booth no. 4101 directly at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

SUPRA-FLOW BX double belt thermofusion oven for Nonwovens

The production of nonwovens always requires a bonding process after the nonwovens formation, where the loosely laid fibers are bonded to a resilient fiber composite. For this purpose, depending on the process, different ovens and dryers are used. BRÜCKNER offers the specific know-how and supplies the necessary lines for all applications. The production program is completed by different impregnation and coating units as well as slitting and winding equipment. BRÜCKNER’s customers produce geo nonwovens, filter media, hygiene and medical textiles or different fabrics for the automotive and transport industry. For each customer an individual solution and a corresponding line layout is designed.

Recently BRÜCKNER realized several extraordinary installations in the field of highloft nonwovens and geotextiles. For the production of highloft nonwovens the double-belt thermofusion oven SUPRA-FLOW BX is used. This oven system operates according to the air-through principle and can be perfectly adapted to the product requirements in terms of flow speed, flow direction and temperature on a field-by-field basis. Typical end products include mattresses, bedspreads, upholstery, wiping cloths, automotive components or insulating materials. The SUPRA-FLOW BX can produce nonwovens up to a thickness of 280 mm and a basis weight of max. 8 kg/m². The available working widths vary between 2400 and 5200 mm at production speeds of up to 100 m/min.

For geotextile projects, the proven POWER-FRAME stenter is usually used, which impresses with its high uniformity in terms of temperature distribution as well as maximum productivity. In addition, the fabric can be stretched in a targeted manner by transporting it in the stenter chain. This has a controlled influence on fabric width, fiber orientation and fabric shrinkage. Working widths of up to over 7 meters are not uncommon with geotextile finishing systems. Depending on the required width, maximum temperature, stretching forces and other process requirements, the optimum solution is found for each customer. Fabric trials are also possible at any time in BRÜCKNER’s Technology Center in Leonberg, Germany. The expert team of BRÜCKNER and FI-TECH will be pleased to advise you on your very special application.