YASH’s Technological Innovations in Rewinding and Packaging Solutions


YASH has always been dedicated to designing, developing, and offering cutting-edge solutions for Unwinders, Rewinders, Off-Line Slitter Rewinders, Accumulators, Palletizers, Packaging, Roll Handling, Sorting, Robotics, and Software. With extensive experience and engineering expertise in nonwoven and technical textiles rewinding technology, YASH presents a comprehensive range of semi-automatic and fully automatic core and coreless winders, adaptable to various fabric specifications.

High Flexibility Roll Rewinders for the Automotive Industry:

YASH provides customized High-Quality Roll Winding solutions tailored to the automotive industry. Featuring center shaft unwinding technology, these solutions ensure tensionless material handling, preventing distortion. Equipped with edge slitters, trim extraction devices, selvedge guiding systems, roll hardness control, and weighing mechanisms, these machines are highly efficient and productive, enhanced by data management software.

Rewinders and In-Line Packaging Systems for Technical Textiles:

From simple low-budget solutions to state-of-the-art customized options, YASH offers rewinders capable of handling fabric rolls with gsm up to 6000 and weights up to 4.0 tons. These solutions include single and two-face inspection, special guiding mechanisms, straight compact rolls, automatic doffing of final rolls, and an in-line packaging system for direct warehouse transportation. YASH rewinders excel in handling complex web-produced fabrics like filtration and industrial fabrics, air laid and belting fabrics, geo-textiles, fabrics for the tire and rubber industries, sports goods, and more.

High-Performance Nonwoven Off-Line Slitter Rewinders:

YASH presents a state-of-the-art nonwoven quality control machine with advanced features, including positive unwinding, fabric guiding, fabric length measurement, multiple longitudinal slitters, trim extraction systems, and rewinding controls for compact winding. These rewinders are reliable solutions for nonwoven applications, such as filtration fabrics, geotextiles, interlinings, automotive materials, and more.

High Production Poly Film Roll Packaging Systems:

YASH offers a comprehensive range of semi-automatic and fully automatic roll packaging solutions adaptable to various roll specifications with minimal film usage. Suitable for medium and high production plants, these packaging machines can pack up to 120 rolls per hour. They feature automated poly film roll wrapping and length sealing, with various end sealing options. These machines are designed for high uptime and can be configured as stand-alone systems or integrated with YASH high-speed automatic roll rewinders. Additional functionalities, including automatic roll weighing, robotic barcode reading, automatic printing and application, roll transportation, and automatic sorting systems, can be incorporated. YASH packaging machines are adaptable to all textiles and can be customized to meet specific process requirements.