“At Prism Textile Machinery, machines are not merely produced, but trust and relationships are woven..”

Technical Textiles

The beginning of a remarkable journey in the textile industry in 2010 was marked by the Prism Group of companies, under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Vansjalia (a Textile Engineer). A comprehensive solution for weaving preparatory processes and an extensive range of denim manufacturing machines, encompassing both Rope Dyeing and Slasher Dyeing technologies, have been offered, excluding looms. In addition, a wide array of standard and customized technical textile machineries is provided.

The vision is to achieve market leadership by producing machines that meet German standards and to be globally competitive through continuous technological innovation driven by Indian expertise. The mission revolves around delivering ‘Total Customer Satisfaction.’ The fulfillment of this vision and mission is ensured through advanced technology, well-structured facilities, and a dedicated team.

To date, over 900 machines have been installed in India and other countries, with a remarkable 90% rate of repeated orders over the years. The belief is that one size does not fit all, hence customized and tailor-made solutions are extended to customers. The strength of the company lies in its people.

Narendra Vansjalia – Director, Prism Textile Machinery Private Limited

Highly qualified and experienced senior staff members handle various aspects, including administration, design, production, quality, sales and marketing, erection, and after-sales services. The company is led by a director with 43 years of comprehensive field experience, encompassing 22 years in fabric manufacturing and 21 years in the manufacturing of textile machineries.

Prism Textile Machinery boasts four well-established manufacturing facilities situated in the industrial heartland of Vatva, GIDC, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These facilities house both M.S. and S.S. fabrication shops along with an engineering machine shop.

Under the visionary guidance of our director, the manufacturing of technical textile machinery commenced in 2012. Several technical textile machines with PLC-based controls have been manufactured and successfully installed.”

Product Range

Polybeamer with roll on creel for tap and multi filaments.

  • Different working with up to 5600 mm.
  • High speed up to 300 meters / min.
  • Load cell controlled wing tension controls
  • Beam diameter auto synchronized comb traverse
  • Special traverse roll just before winding for even surface beam
  • Fully PLC Base controls with rigid structure and user friendly designs.
  • Adjustable “V“ Type Comber Board for less friction on Tap.
  • Adjustable type Tension roller stand with fan type antistatic device.
  • Many option for creel tensioning like, dead weight, lever type, pneumatic type, diameter detector type with centrally controlled manual or PLC control models.
  • Roll on Creel with Patented Auto Bobbin Diameter detector mechanism for continuous unwinding tesinion control. This device is available with fully PLC base centrally controlled or Manual centrally controlled.
  • Creels with Pneumatic tension cum Brake facilities on customer demand.

Spool warping for knitting with filaments and mono filaments creels.

  • Spool warping for different sizes of beams
  • Spool warping with accumulator, waxing etc.
  • Spool warping is with fully PLC base controlled new generation machine.
  • Different type of creel suitable for different types of yarn, packages.
  • Creel with many options for Tension device and stop motions.

Fabric Roll to roll machine with Inspection, folding and packing machine.

  • Machine working width 1000mm to 6000mm.
  • Machine with pressure roller for compact winding
  • Machine with auto selvedge aligner, roll Weighing Scale, and heat cutter facilities.
  • Customer have choice for selvedge distributor device for better cylindrical roll of fabric with thick woven selvedge
  • Option to choice selvedge printer.

Stretch Wrapping machine for roll packing.

  • Machine working with 1800mm to 6000mm
  • Stretch of Plastic film of stretch wrapping is up to 300%
  • Full flexibility for main roller speed, travel’s speed and holt time at the end.

Loom Batching machines.

  • Different working width 1400mm to 6000mm
  • Batching unit with option of load cell winding tension control
  • Batching units with pressure roller for very hard winding
  • Batching units with accumulator device

Woven & non Woven Jumbo Geo bag bag size cutting automatic machines

  • Customized sizes and features with PLC control new generation machines.
  • Machine with folding, Rotating or heat cutter and auto palate change facilities.

Special machine for Scream laminating on Pre Foam for Wind mill wings.
Glass fiber/Carbon Fiber online slitting and winding machine for loom.
Different types of Creels for special purposes like Loom creel, creel for extrusion etc.
Customized machinery as per customer requirements.