Saturn Blue Links: Pioneering the Global Trade of Used-Second-Hand Textile Machinery & Technology

Technical Textiles
Henry Raval, Owner, HR Group companies serving Indian & Global Textile Industry since 1989

Saturn Blue Links specializes in the Technical & MMF Textile Industry and has established itself as a leading Indian international broker for the relocation of used-second-hand textile plants, machinery, and technology from various countries worldwide. With a rich experience spanning three decades, the company has become the most extensive agent/broker for all kinds of textile plants and has successfully sold numerous second-hand machinery, some of which are listed below:

  • 12 Nos. of Fiber & Filament Plants from OERLIKON BARMAG-FARE-NEUMAG-TORAY.

Product Offerings:

Saturn Blue Links offers an array of products that cater to diverse industries, including Agro tech textiles, build tech textiles, cloth tech textiles, Geotech textiles, home tech textiles, Indutech textiles, meditech textiles, mobiltech textiles, oekotech textiles, packtech textiles, protech textiles, Sportech textiles, infra tech textiles, and filter tech textiles. Imported Second-hand Nonwovens Machinery for various categories from almost all OEMs is also available.

The company’s impressive track record as a leading Indian international broker for the relocation of used-second-hand textile plants, machinery, and technology has made it a trusted choice in the industry.

Apart from the aforementioned Fiber & Filament Plants, they have facilitated the sales of:

600 Sulzer Projectiles looms, which cover the PP & HDPE sector and are used for Geotextiles, Indutech, Tarpaulin, Ground Covers, Jumbo Bags, Container Liners, Agro Shade/Hail Nets, Baffle Bags, and Ventilator Fabrics, 300 Nos. of Lindauer Dornier Rapier & Airjet Looms for Filtech, Defence Tech, Industrial, Glass Fiber, Aerospace, Engineering Reinforced Fabrics, and Automotive, 10 Nos. Non-Woven Needle Punching machines by Dilo, Ferher, Asselin for Geotextiles, Filtration, Carpet, and Insulation.

124 Nos. of Warp, Flat & Circular Knitting machines by Mayer & Cie, Karl Mayer, Liba, Stoll for Sportech, Agrotech, Clothtech, Fashion Fabrics, Automotive, Geogrid, and Shade Nets, Various other technical textile machinery related to STARLINGER, LOHIA TAPE, WINDMOLLER, OERLIKON BARMAG Extrusion Lines, Circular Looms, Winders, Coating Laminations, etc, Saturn Blue Links prides itself on its technical expertise in weaving and knitting of technical textiles such as glass fiber, defense fabrics, carbon, aramid, kevlar, tarpaulin, geogrids, airbags, agro net, sportswear, tricot, seat belts & covers, and medical fabrics.

The company deals with man-made fiber plants from renowned manufacturers like Barmag, Toray, Teijin Seike, Well, Chonglee, which produce nylon66/polyester high tenacity POY/FDY, as well as Barmag/Neumag/Flessiner/ESL/Meccanica modern polypropylene staple fiber and high-twist/cabling for tyercord-industrial yarns.

In the finishing segment, Saturn Blue Links offers stenter frames, calender rolls, coating lines, and sienging machines from reputed brands such as Bruckner, Babcock, Regnani, Ramisch Gurneri, Bombi, Menzel, and others. The company takes pride in delivering best-condition machinery at the lowest costs, expertly organizing buyers’ imports from scratch to shipments.

Participation at Textile India:

Saturn Links actively participates in the Textile India show to connect with existing clients and industry stakeholders from the Indian technical textiles sector. The company seizes the opportunity to engage with new investors and technical experts, introducing them to upcoming expansions and new products that hold potential in foreign markets, generating valuable foreign revenues for the country.

Future Growth of Technical Textiles:

With an established presence in the industry of importing plants and machinery since 1989, Saturn Links predicts India to emerge as a low-cost manufacturing hub with a significant surge in exports and growth in domestic markets. The country’s status as the largest democracy and a hub for high-quality product buyers further reinforces this prediction.

Henry Raval, Owner, and CEO of HR Group of Companies, operates worldwide sales operations from DUBAI | USA | EU | CHINA & KOREA.