Weavetech to launch sizing & coating solutions for technical textile industry

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The founding team of Weavetech has given almost 30 years to the textile machinery industry. A sharp & dedicated focus on weaving preparatory machineries, has created a culture that ignores the largely accepted standards, which were created for developed economies, and chooses to create its own solutions suitable for our environment targeted at our own pain points. This has allowed the company to create some of the most effective solutions which has made its customers the most competitive players within the industry. Along with the wide range of twisting and winding machinery, Weavetech has a dedicated R&D division to offer customized Sizing & Coating solutions for the technical textile industries. One of these products is a “Universal Twisting & Winding Machine”.

This was developed with collaborative feedback from many Indian customers to satisfy their need for manufacturing High Tenacity Twisted yarns covering a wide range from 300 to 30,000 denier. Also, a new range of customized Sizing & Coating machineries are under development for the Indian Technical Textiles industry. One of the key USPs of the company is that it invests almost 4% of its revenue in Research & Development activities in creating new and improved solutions. Moreover, Weavetech’s focus on the process-chain, rather than specific products has created an experienced team of professionals who are able to offer solutions considering the pre and post processes of the customer. Today the company offers the widest range of twisting solutions for mostly all high tenacity filament & spun yarns. Weavetech has customers in more than 12 different countries, covering some of the world’s largest and most reputed producers in given segments. The innovative solutions cover a wide range of industry from garments & apparels, furnishing & technical textiles.

The company has a well-defined vision for the future. Weavetech is focused on playing its part in making the Indian textile industry globally competitive. With an excellent team of technocrats within this industry coupled with its dedicated R&D center, the industry can expect many more innovative solutions from the company, which would help in making the Indian industry globally more competitive. To achieve this, Weavetech has recently setup a dedicated R&D center where entrepreneurs and technocrats from the industry are encouraged to bring problems for discussion and figure out innovative solutions for the same. The company’s team and facilities are open to the entire industry to evaluate their innovative ideas & bring them to life.