Karl Mayer’s Wefttronic ® II G

Technical Textiles Techtextil India

High-performance warp-knitting machine with weft-insertion for more efficiency in the building sector

Karl Mayer’s ‘Wefttronic ® II G’ is a weft-insertion machine for the highly efficient production of light to medium-heavy textile glass fibre grid structures. The machine is particularly advantageous for manufacturers of plaster grids and geotextiles. When it comes to road construction in particular, geotextiles made of glass and composites perform a variety of tasks. They separate, filter and discharge water. They also compensate for tension while absorbing forces to provide reinforcement. The grid structures for demanding applications are created on the highly productive Wefttronic ® II G. In practice, an output of over 2,000 m²/h can be achieved, depending on product quality. The increase is similarly high for plaster grids, too. Up to 1,500 m² of a textile structure weighing 140 g/m² made from glass and polyester can be produced on a Wefttronic ® II G in E 18 per hour – that’s an increase of 1,670% compared to weaving. In addition, more affordable glass fibre materials can be used to produce high-quality textiles.

Costs can be cut by up to 30% when producing plaster grids compared to weaving mills where leno fabrics are produced. Technical yarns are handled extremely gently on the Wefttronic ® II G and in contrast to woven fabrics are worked into the textile structure in the filler thread & weft completely stretched. Applications: Geogrids/geotextiles, Coating substrates and advertising media, Textile-reinforced concrete.