Thermetrics Takes Protection and Comfort to the Next Level with Innovative Product Offerings

Technical Textiles

Thermetrics has added two new products to its line-up: A female thermal manikin, dubbed “Liz”, and the Flash Fire Cylinder (FFC), joining a deep bench of carefully engineered and widely trusted products. Both Liz and the FFC are critical design and evaluation tools for improving wearer protection and thermal comfort in performance wear and protective apparel.

Liz is one of just a few female thermal manikins available for testing apparel for the female form, where nearly 50% of the global population is female. “It’s critical that test and research labs have thermal manikins for testing garments on the female form. We are sending female front-line responders into fires and other dangerous field scenarios daily with gear designed and tested only on males.” states Rick Burke, President of Thermetrics.

The Thermetics FFC, which bridges the gap between flame exposure testing of flat fabric samples and the costly, but vital step of testing on a flash fire manikin, is a huge boost for test labs with it’s quick set-up and testing. Brian Shiels, Service Line Manager of the ArcWear division at Kinectrics says, “The Thermetrics FFC will be an absolute game-changer for garment makers with the ability to crank through many test samples with highly reliable results in a single day. The FFC helps us better-understand how material may perform in the field.”

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