Slack & Parr to feature full range of high-performance gear pumps at ITMA 2023

ITMA 2023

Precision gear metering pump specialist Slack & Parr will feature its full range of high-performance gear pumps at ITMA 2023, with a special focus on the launch of its newly updated Spin Finish pump and low viscosity Pulseless Flow models.

The company supplies its high-accuracy gear metering pumps to all areas of the global manmade fibre market where they are used to deliver uniformity and consistency into the manufacture of high-quality yarns and textiles including acrylic, polyester, nylon, spandex and Aramid.

At ITMA, it will launch an updated model of its Spin Finish gear metering pump for the application of finish emulsions onto filaments typically used in hot-melt manufacture of POY and FDY polyester yarns. The pump is designed to accurately meter and apply oil-based emulsions onto the yarn to improve efficiency in downstream processes. It features a compact design and robust build and offers capacities down to 0.014cc/rev with high accuracy at low speeds.

The company will also showcase its new range of metering technologies developed specifically to pump low viscosity fluids including slurries, glycols and additives with high levels of control and accuracy. Its Pulseless Flow range of pumps are capable of metering low viscosity fluids even under high pressure while maintaining constant levels of speed and accuracy throughout the process.

Like all Slack & Parr’s technologies, its Spin Finish and Pulseless Flow pumps are built around hardened steel involute gears which are machined to precise tolerances of one or two microns. This results in extremely small, controlled clearances – measuring significantly less than a human hair – between the gear and mating components, ensuring almost no internal slip even at high pressures. This level of precision means each pump is able to control and meter the flow with extreme accuracy and repeatability under differential pressures of up to 50 bar.

The company will also highlight how its gear metering pumps can be customised for the most challenging pump applications, such as those involving corrosive fluids including chemical additives, by incorporating wear-resistant materials into their design.

“We’re delighted to be back at ITMA sharing our metering technologies with the world’s textile industries,” says Slack & Parr Global Sales Director, Paul Wykes.

“Precision metering has a vital role to play in achieving uniformity and consistency in the yarn and enabling greater efficiency in downstream processing, which translates directly into higher quality and performance of the finished product.

“Slack & Parr has been manufacturing and supplying high-precision gear metering pumps to the international textile industry for more than 75 years. To remain a leader in our field, we are continually innovating and improving our technologies to ensure they deliver the highest levels of control and accuracy, even in the most challenging environments.”

Since the last ITMA show, Slack & Parr has also moved to a new 73,000 sq ft purpose-built, state of the art manufacturing facility and headquarters in Leicestershire, UK.

“Our new manufacturing base has not only enabled us to increase the scale and efficiency of our manufacturing operations but also to reduce our environmental impact by improving energy efficiency and reducing waste.”

Slack & Parr will be exhibiting at ITMA Hall 1 Stand C203