Heberlein Advanced Performance – New DTY Jet insert generation “AP”

ITMA 2023

Heberlein is the leading solution provider and expert for air interlacing and air texturing jets

Heberlein’s core competence is in the development and production of highly specialised key components for the modification and treatment of synthetic yarns, particularly filament yarns. New technologies open-up fascinating opportunities. Besides maintaining an established product range, Heberlein also systematically ensures innovation. This challenge is met by leading specialists and an efficient infrastructure with flow simulation, yarn analysis, component measurement, and state-of-the-art processing machines.

Compressed air is a cost-intensive resource in the textile value chain. The focus in the industry is on optimized processes and innovative products that help to significantly reduce compressed air and energy costs. Investments in Heberlein jets show a very short amortisation period thanks to high air savings.

Advanced Performance – New DTY generation “AP”

The “AP” generation, shown for the first time, represents the consistent further development of the existing Jet insert range for DTY.


By easy “plug&play” exchange of existing jets, the new DTY Jets allow significant costs reduction by means of air savings. Depending on the diameter of the yarn channel, air savings of up to 15% are achievable. While the jet allows savings, there is no need to compromise on quality. The high quality of the yarn is still met with ease.

As the table below shows, the new generation of jets can achieve significant air savings compared to the existing P-series.


The highest demands on knot stability for downstream processes, such as weaving, are easily met thanks to the new design. A broad series of tests with Jet insert APh212 and APh213 has shown that stability of up to 100% can be achieved at a load of 1cN/dtex. The resulting higher machine speed results in increased productivity. Alternatively, the sizing application can be reduced, which has a positive effect on costs and the environment.

Lufan aspirator for DTY and ATY

The new, ergonomic design allows one-handed operation and offers a high level of operating comfort. Offering the well-known Heberlein quality standards at attractive prices.

HemaJet-LB06 – compact replacement for former housing types LB02 and LB04

The distance between the deflector body and the jet core depends on the count of the yarn. While allowing easy replacement of the jet core, the new HemaJet-LB06 housing still uses the existing gauges to adjust the right distance.

Suitable for all types of jet cores (A, T and S-series), the new housing design provides a perfect combination for any needs in air-texturing processes.

Textile laboratory

Some innovations need the expertise provided by Heberlein’s textile laboratory located in Wattwil, Switzerland. Experienced experts advise on textiles, procedural and economic issues, and end-use applications of filament yarns. Comprehensive services also include troubleshooting and solutions to process-related problems.

The highlight of the lab is a brand-new DTY pilot machine. This investment is the latest improvement in technical and testing facilities which enables Heberlein to continue the development of trendsetting, high-quality products for customers worldwide.

Strong partnership with local agency

Heberlein is known as a leading provider of air-interlacing and air-texturing jets for synthetic filament yarns. That position was achieved with the help of an excellent local partner. Heberlein is proud on the long-time partnership with agency Airotex LLP, located in Mumbai, and its partner Mr. Vivek Dhawan. He is going to be present during ITMA – in Hall 3, booth E204 – to welcome our esteemed customers from India.

We look forward to welcoming you personally to ITMA Milano in Hall 3 – booth E204.