The Gaurs to showcase innovative and sustainable solutions at ITMA

ITMA 2023 Technical Textiles

The Gaurs represent leading global manufacturers who provide end-to-end machinery solutions including singeing and pre-treatment lines, wet and dry finishing machines, coating and lamination lines and complete lines for technical textiles manufacturing

The Gaurs was established in 2010 with the objective of bringing to India and surrounding regions innovative European technology for technical textiles, coated and lamination fabrics and for dye houses looking for value addition in fabrics. Strategic alliances were formed with next-generation research and development-based machinery manufacturers to bring to India sustainable and reliable machinery having low consumption of utilities and to promote green manufacturing practices. These machines bring a visible difference in the customer’s production processes in terms of faster return on investment (ROI) when compared to the traditional machinery available in the market.

The Gaurs started out initially promoting calendar rolls, rubber rolls and special nonwoven-based squeeze rolls. Today, the company provides end-to-end machinery solutions including singeing and pre-treatment lines, wet and dry finishing machines, coating and lamination lines and complete lines for technical textiles manufacturing. The Gaurs caters to customers located in India and Sri Lanka markets for technical textile and coated fabrics’ segment. The company represents machinery manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey and Switzerland and is able to offer a wide range of machinery across the technical textile manufacturing process.

This includes:

  • Singeing lines
  • Rope opener and slitters for various fabric substrates
  • Sustainable technologies for de-oiling, pre-treatment and bleaching ranges
  • Spray finishing machines
  • All types of coating and lamination lines
  • Continuous lines for coated fabric, tarpaulins, awnings, blackout fabrics, billboard, etc.
  • Direct to textile coating lines and PU-PVC coating solutions
  • Carbon fibre, glass fibre, aramid fibre coating lines
  • Lines for PTFE architectural membrane, grinding wheels, composites, filtration, wallpaper, etc.
  • Stenter machine, heating ovens, padders and web guiding and edge uncurling accessories
  • Calendar machines and calendar rolls
  • Suede and brushing machines, emerizing and combing machines
  • Nip width and pressure measuring equipments
  • Rubber rolls and S-rolls
  • Rotogravure lacquering lines
  • Automated lines for research and development or pilot lines.

Plans for ITMA 2023

As the management of The Gaurs puts it, “ITMA 2023 exhibition is a good opportunity for us to showcase the new, innovative and sustainable solutions we have in our portfolio. Our customers will be able to see the following:

  • The world’s most energy-efficient and unique stenter machine at EFFE: Hall 18, Stand No. A 206
  • Spray finishing technologies at Imogo: Hall 18, Stand No. B 105
  • Sustainable pre-treatment lines and washing ranges that need up to 40% less water and up to 60% less energy at Pluvia: Hall 14 Stand No. A 211
  • Innovative calendaring machines and solutions at Polteks: Hall 18, Stand No. A 209
  • Machinery for coating, lamination and technical textiles at Siltex: Hall 14, Stand No. B 21
  • Jiggers and dry finishing machinery – raising, brushing and shearing machines at Memnun: Hall 18, Stand No. A 302.”

Growth of Technical Textiles

“India currently contributes less than 0.5% to the global technical textiles segment. Within this 0.5% I see that the market is heavily skewed in favour of coated fabrics, especially for the automotive sector. There is still a very large void and an untapped global market where India can play a big role. While there are customers who are looking to manufacture something different in the technical textiles segment, they are not much aware of what or how to manufacture. The Gaurs can offer a customer a comprehensive solution for the product he wants to manufacture,” the management states.

“We have experience in this segment and our commitment to secrecy combined with machinery installations in various technical textile manufacturers in India are a testament to what we deliver. Our principals have deep knowledge in this area and often adopt a collaborative approach when working with a customer. As per the target product required, we can design, manufacture and install the complete line and the customer can be assured that he will get consistent results and top-notch quality product at the end of it,” they add.

Future Plans

As a company, The Gaurs is focussed and committed to providing low-energy, sustainable and next-generation machinery for technical textile and coated fabric manufacturers. “Our principals are investing in disruptive technology and disruptive design methodologies which are bringing down utilities and energy costs required in our machinery and this is ultimately going to benefit the machinery buyer immensely. Technical textile is an exciting space to be in especially when customers are thinking about and experimenting with different products in this segment. We see a consistent and gradual increase in interest amongst our customers and we hope that India’s contribution to the global technical textiles market increases significantly and we would be delighted to have played a small role in shaping this future,” the management says.