SICAM bullish on Indian market for its nonwoven solutions

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SICAM SRL is an Italian manufacturer of textile and nonwovens. It all started in 1953 in Milan, Italy, when Idres Zanardi decided to use his experience by focusing on the textile process machineries. In the early 80’, with Stefano Zanardi, the second generation, joining the company, there was an expansion of the production range. Then introduction of the initial technologies for nonwovens, which is the now the focus of the company, happened. In 2016 the third generation also joined the business. With respect to traditional textile, the company’s production includes a wide range of machinery for drying, heat setting and finishing of fabrics, which are custom made and ready to respond to the new needs of its customers such as multilayer stenter frame and flat stenter frame, tunnel dryer for loose fibers, relax dryers, carbonizing plants, and tunnel ovens for PES/PP. In the nonwovens field, the company has consolidated technologies in bonding, drying winding, from carded or airlay fibers or from continuous filaments, involving Spun Lace or Spun Bond, Staple Fiber, chemical bonding, spray bonding or thermofixing processes for decades; tailor-made projects and complete turn-key solutions have brought SICAM to compete with the main international players.

This year the company’s goal is to show to a large number of people its improvements mostly in the hygienic and medical field with its latest installations dedicated to Spunlace and also its advancements in the Wetlaid. One of the key USPs of SICAM is that it is a company with a long time experience and they manufacture all their lines directly in Italy. Another advantage is that they offer to the market the possibility to customize each line of machineries, with an internal engineering department dedicated to find the perfect solution to each needs a customer might have.

If we were to summarize in three words the main advantages that the company offers, it would be – experienced, innovators and totally flexible & adaptable to the market. This versatility is the main reason why the company is also able to cover a wide range of sectors, starting from automotive and civil engineering, passing through textile, filtration and geotextile and arriving to medical, hygienic and home furnishing.

India Presence – The company is extremely positive about its presence in India, with around 50% of a week’s online visits to their website coming from India and roughly around 25% of the yearly offers made to Indian customers. The company believes that nonwovens will have a great expansion in the next few years in India. The company has sold KTex a spun bond equipment which is still working successfully. Also, this year the company is having some great opportunities in India with a spunlace equipment and a spunbond, one sold to Alpha.

The company has confirmed its participation in Techtextil India 2021. The company had participated in Techtexil Russia recently and were presently impressed by the number of visitors. They feel that this could be the signal of the ‘returning of normal life’, with successful return of social events like exhibitions. The company’s future focus in the nonwovens field is moving towards hygienic, disinfection and medical products. The company feels that the pandemic created a habit of using wet wipes and some of the demand will be retained even after the pandemic is over, because a lot of people have gotten into the habit of carrying these wipes. According to the company the use of wipes, cotton pads, masks and all the other sanitary disposal is strictly connected to another not easy topic: the biodegradability, flush ability and sustainability of these kind of items. Following this worldwide trend, the company thinks that the future will bring it to concentrate more and more on its existing lines dedicated to these sectors and improve the sustainability of each step of its production.