Emtec Electronic to showcase testing equipment for the nonwoven and textile industry

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Emtec Electronic, located in Leipzig, Germany develops and manufactures very specialized test devices for the pulp and paper, nonwoven and textile industries. Around 35 independent representatives offer service and support for the innovative products in more than 80 countries. Rishab Metals is the local representative for India. Founded in 1995 by Giselher Grüner, Emtec has introduced a couple of very exciting test devices to the different industries over the years, which all can be used to optimize production and converting processes as well as base and finished products.

In R&D, some of the Emtec test devices can help to develop new products with certain characteristics; others allow a permanent monitoring and control of the production (quality assurance) and thus enable a fast intervention in the process. In 1995, the company started in the paper industry. In comparison, Emtec is still relatively new to the nonwoven and textile industry, where its activities started in 2015. Emtec is a growing company and innovation is one of the main reasons for its growth. Many of the test devices have set new technological standards; some of them have replaced traditional test methods or even became industry standard. Quality, outstanding service and customer support as well as innovative products, this is what the company stands for.

Key product

The ‘emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer’, is one of the key products of the company. It objectively measures the haptic parameters softness, roughness, stiffness, elasticity and the recovery of any kind of fabric. From the single parameter, a so called hand feel value (HF) can be calculated, which correlates very well with the human expectation. The individual availability of the single components of the human tactile sensation is very helpful for the R&D, the process optimization, but also for quality assurance, incoming control, trouble shooting and many further applications.Emtec’s origin and main business is the development, production and sale of specialized test devices for the pulp and paper industry. However, nonwoven and textile industry play an increasingly important role for the company. Besides this, the company offers contract testing in its labs in Leipzig, Germany as well as onsite support – during machine trials for example. The emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, which has originally been developed for the tissue paper industry to test toilet paper, handkerchiefs and other tissue paper products is a very unique test device, which measures the single components of the human tactile sensation objectively and individually. The measuring principle is comparable to the process of the human tactile sensation done in a different way.

This is the reason, why the results often correlate up to almost 100 percent with human expectation. The device had been first introduced in 2006 and has become an industry standard in the tissue paper industry over the years. In 2015, the device was first introduced to the nonwoven and textile industry. This is the first time that the company is participating in Techtextil India. However, it has participated in other Techtextil events around the globe.