Barnet India all geared up for Techtextil 2021

Technical Textiles Techtextil India

Founded in 1898 by William Barnet in Albany, New York, USA the company is dedicated to the vision of playing a prominent role in the trade and processing of synthetic textile products. Barnet is a global manufacturing, recycling, and trading company specializing in a wide range of fibers, polymers and yarns. In each market, its product range extends from industrial quality to specialty / high-tech products. Barnet manufactures and supplies in many different resins including polyester, polyamide 6, polyamide 6.6, acrylic, polypropylene and viscose.

Barnet India

The vibrant boomtown of Mumbai is an ideal location for connecting the gigantic regional markets to the company’s commodity routes and supplying them in full. The team in their Mumbai office is well established in the market and has extensive experience in the fiber, polymer and yarn business. In addition to the trading business, Barnet India offers its customers and suppliers warehousing and distribution services in and out of the port of Mumbai.

Performance chemicals

Performance Chemicals The company import’s specialities from renowned producers in Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Germany; stock and distribution sales. Its markets are: FR Cables, automotive, wood plastic composites, industrial packaging, recycled polymers, aluminium composite facades, pipe coating, multilayer pipes, acrylic solid surface, polymeric insulators, TPE, master batches, etc.

Technical fibers

Barnet offers specialty fibers such as Meta-Aramid, Para-Aramid, Carbon, PPS, Oxidized PAN, Nylon 66 Homo polymer acrylic, Co polymer acrylic. These are used for variety of Industrial, PPE applications for spinning and non wovens. We also offer recycled products which are derived from post-consumer usage and post-industrial products.

N 66 HT yarn & Polyester HT Yarns

This yarn is available in various denier ranging from 30, 50, 70, 210, 420, 840, and 1260. It is used for a variety of industrial applications such as Sewing Threads, Rubber Curling Tapes & in Tires. The fabric made from these yarns have high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, better dimensional stability, better resistance to weathering.

nega-stat® – The Standard in Static Dissipative Yarns

Barnet is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the entire patented and unique nega-stat® product range, known as Nega-stat® P190 and P210. Nega-Stat® is introduced into textile materials to provide protection against a range of risks & hazards caused by static electricity in industrial end-use.

Barnet at the Techtexil India

For more than 10 years, Techtexil India has been the most important trade show for Barnet India, where the company traditionally presents its product range and showcases its contacts in this ever-changing market. The trade fair is thus an important factor for initiating new business and maintaining contacts with its customers.