Shree Ram Textile: Becoming a global sensation in textile weaving industry

Purvik Panchal, Director, Shree Ram Textile

The inception of Shree Ram textile took place in 1957 to develop textile looms for the advancing textile industry. Soon after the company’s inception, it started making a mark by developing & selling textile looms.

Within just a couple of years of their functioning, the company developed a brand-new product called an Warp Stop Motion. Currently, the company boasts of having created this machinery for brands in over 16+ countries and stands as the fourth-largest manufacturer of the same in the world. Not only that, but they also have created some of the best variants of the Electrical Warp Stop Motion, which includes a Electrical Contact Bar, Electro-Mechanic Warp Stop Motion and more. It has been over 65 years that Shree Ram Textile has been running on this single category of product mainly. The company offers some of the most advanced variants for Airjet looms. The company also develops warp stop motion for Waterjet looms & special purpose looms.

In addition, their goods are valued for their attributes, including simplicity of use, resistance to corrosion and cracks, durability, and low maintenance. According to Mr Purvik Panchal, Director of Shree Ram Textile, a group of knowledgeable professionals supports them. It puts in a lot of effort to help the organization reach its goal. The team members are chosen based on their prior work history. Shree Ram Textile always adhere to client-focused rules and try to meet their demands alone. We have a sizable clientele in this sector because of our high-quality electrical warp stop motion and contact bar.

Product portfolio: Shree Ram Textiles

Currently, the product portfolio consists of Electrical Warp Stop Motion, Mechanical Warp Stop Motion, Electrical Contact Bars and Electro-Mechanic Warp Stop Motion. Since the weaving industry is dynamically evolving, our clients demand more advanced, versatile and fast machinery to care for all sorts of technical and non-technical productions. In addition, people now demand machinery that can manufacture a variety of fibres simultaneously and not stick to one, but variety only. Since for Shree Ram Textiles, an accessory manufacturer, innovation plays a big part. According to Mr Panchal, all the R&D for the company is currently being done in-house. Still, there will soon be tie-ups with universities worldwide for smaller developments. One good thing about the evolution of Shree Ram Textile is that the primary fibre they were working with was cotton. However, with time now they have expanded their fibre range, including shirting, suiting, denim, silk, jute, technical textiles and more. The sales ratio suggests that 20% of the revenue is brought around by exports, and the remaining 80% results from domestic sales.

The exports occur in over 16+ countries, including Belgium, UK, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Columbia, and more. According to Mr Panchal, the sales have been hit due to the COVID scenario. Of course, the sales figure was much better during the pre-COVID. However, business is still not bad in the post-pandemic era because of all the expansions that the company has been executing. However, there’s a problem with the supply of raw materials, which has now affected the overall profit margin. In December 2022, the company is setting up one more plant, which will boost the company’s production & revenue ratio.


According to Mr Purvik Panchal, “We offer a wide range of products that covers both expensive and cheaper options. We are the sole manufacturers of the electrical warp stop motion and develop spare parts for the same and other variants. Of course, our customer base is weaving looms, but our aim is to cater to the end users. Over the years we have welcomed queries and feedback from our customers, which has made us work on the same set of products repeatedly.”

“The people in our country can now use their own currency and not pay additional amounts, that too in foreign currencies. Also, if we look at the quality parameter, the warp stop motion that we offer is far better than what the other countries are offering currently. So there are several reasons why people are choosing us over other competitors”, he added.

Vision 2025

Their vision for 2025 is to become a globally recognized brand for their signature product, the Warp stop motion. Since 2019, the company has been participating in several international shows. In addition, with the development of a newer plant, it will now be able to offer 2.5% more production compared to the existing scenario. In addition, they are planning to launch a fantastic modular system of warp-stop motion machines in Milan next year at ITMA 2023 Event. The focus will mainly be on the European market before testing the same product starts in India in January 2023. The benefit that this modular system will offer to customers is that they will invest in lesser varieties of parts and work with a single one.