Prashant Gamatex celebrates sale of 1000 high-speed sectional warping machines


Prashant Group, comprising India’s leading engineering companies, provides comprehensive solutions in the field of weaving preparation and logistics, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to excellence. Since its establishment in 1975, the group has significantly expanded its global presence.

The reputation of Prashant Group is firmly grounded in core values such as innovation, quality, automation, and exceptional service. A pivotal factor driving many of the group’s achievements is their unwavering dedication to surpassing customer expectations.

Based in Ahmedabad, Prashant Group recently organized a ‘Customers Meet’ in Surat to commemorate the sale of 1000 High-Speed Sectional Warping Machines in the Surat area. This prestigious event brought together over 700 leading entrepreneurs from the Surat textile industry, all of whom have relied on Prashant for their weaving preparation machinery for several years.

As the textile industry diversified its production lines, Prashant Group also expanded its product range to cater to the evolving needs of both natural and man-made fiber sectors, as well as the filament sector. During this business meet, the company presented details about its latest machines, including products like Techtronic for the Technical Textiles Sector, Robowarp as the ideal solution for sample to medium production in yarn-dyed shirting (Cotton, P/V, and P/W Suiting & Furnishing), Innovative Nitro technology offering ecological and green solutions in Indigo Dyeing, as well as High-Speed Polyester and Viscose Filament Sizing machines, and Warp printing technology with Loom Printer for the Filament industry.

Thanks to continuous advancements in technology and automation, Prashant Group has remained competitive in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. Their market share has consistently grown, both in domestic and export markets.

The Chairman of the group, Mr. Prakash Shah, alongside Directors Mr. Apurva Kapadia and Ms. Amoli Shah, together with their technical and marketing teams, graced the function to express their gratitude to all customers for their unwavering support and patronage. Customers reciprocated with expressions of full satisfaction regarding the performance of their machines, further enhancing the significance of this celebratory event.