ITEMA: A synonym for quality, trust & service in the textile industry


Sowing the Seeds of Success in the Indian market Since 2011

Ferdinando De Micheli, Group Sales Director, ITEMA S.p.A., Sameer Kulkarni, General Manager – Sales, and Ugo Ghilardi, CEO, ITEMA S.p.A.

ITEMA is one of those brands in the ever-growing textile industry that requires zero introductions. With its excellent sales and marketing strategies, services, and top-quality machinery, ITEMA has become one of the global leaders in the textile market. The best part is that the company has achieved its goals in India within just a decade of its inception, which is a dream for several other competitors in the market.

ITEMA India was established in 2011, and its mission and vision were undoubtedly strong enough to keep them ahead over the years. However, while Mr. UGO Ghilardi, the CEO of ITEMA Group, has been supervising the activities over the years, Mr. Ferdinando De Micheli, Sales Director ITEMA, Sameer Kulkarni, General Manager Sales Itema Weaving India and the whole Itema Indian team deserve a chunk of the credit when it comes to the supreme position of the company’s growing presence in the Indian sub-continent. Since the company’s inception, it has been focused on meeting the needs of every customer, and ITEMA worked out how to do this by giving the consumer the best.

Cost management is of utmost importance when considering Indian textile enterprises, primarily because of the intensely competitive environment in which they must sell the fabric they create. Despite this, investments in high-end weaving machinery are increasing yearly due to the immeasurable additional value that a partner like ITEMA can ensure.

Of course, the company’s outstanding performance in domestic and international markets is mainly due to its best-in-class weaving technology, distinguished by an unparalleled textile mastery. This year has been a record year in term of sales and figures for ITEMA India, in fact the number of weaving machines sold has reached new pinnacles of success.

Since its inception, the company has amassed a thorough understanding of the market it uses to service its clientele. According to Mr. De Micheli, service includes all that can be given to the customer, from the commercial portion of the agreement to the after-sales support, OEM spare parts, technical assistance, textile consultancy, and follow-up. By relying on a group of qualified and trained professionals capable of meeting all the customer’s needs, ITEMA has developed an unmatched expertise in the market.

The organization specializes in adapting to the changing market, fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust that results in a more profound knowledge of the end customer’s needs. As a result, ITEMA excels at correctly comprehending and knowing clients’ needs. The upcoming international exhibition in Noida, the ITME event, will witness the presence of several countries with an evolving market for textile manufacturing, weaving machines, and similar products. Mr. UGO Ghilardi is highly optimistic about the audience participation. It will act as a platform through which people can learn about the evolution and growth of ITEMA in the market and its plans and expansions. The current goal of ITEMA is to add the best digitization techniques to the existing manufacturing process. The company will soon launch a tool to further facilitate the communication between ITEMA and worldwide customers.

“We are already at a steady growth phase, but our goal is to become the world’s top manufacturer of quality weaving machines. We firmly believe in product innovation. Moreover, we are innovating our processes and services to reach the top.”

Not only this, but the overall goal also revealed by the CEO is a significant performance improvement. Mr. UGO Ghilardi claims, “2022 will be a landmark year in ITEMA history.”

Considering the expansion and market growth of ITEMA, Mr. Ghilardi mentions the top markets, out of which India remains among the top three. He stressed the significance of the Indian market for Itema and said that with a developing market like India, there is room to go beyond the figures. In 2022, a special mention goes to the Surat Region, where Itema installed an impressive number of weaving machines for the production of apparel and saree fabrics.

Along with India, China and Turkey are traditional key markets for the Italian company, which is leading the Jacquard applications worldwide thanks to the excellent versatility of its weaving technology. Europe, with Italy playing the protagonist role, remains a niche but important market for Itema, who is the weaving partner of some of the most renowned brands of wool, silk, technical fabrics.

Ferdinando De Micheli, Group Sales Director, ITEMA S.p.A., and Ugo Ghilardi, CEO, ITEMA S.p.A.

As for emerging and promising markets, Ghilardi mentions Uzbekistan as a real star. The country is in fact working to build an effective industry to internally process its cotton. ITEMA constantly works with its clients to create the loom they require to accomplish their goals and unleash their creativity. ITEMA has many top-tier clients that have been doing business with the company for many years. This satisfaction results from the mutual trust ITEMA has established with its customers, which gives them peace of mind knowing who to turn to in case of issues. When choosing to rely on the Itema technology, a bond is created, a partnership really looking at mutual success.

After all, the company’s stability matters the most in every way. It is essential to ensure that customers feel safe and secure about the products and services of ITEMA. It is one of the critical ways efficient customer retentions is possible for the goodwill and growth of the company and in this aspect, ITEMA, has taken long strides to made sure it delivers on this promise.