Loptex EXA: new product line for spinning & nonwoven industries

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Loptex, is an Italian company specializing in quality control systems in textile fiber, both in the spinning and non-woven sectors. Loptex successfully faces the challenges of the market through its know-how, flexibility and practical approach to problems.

Contamination content in cotton continues to be a major issue in the textile industry. Quality awareness of final consumer is a fact.  Nevertheless, the request of purity, delicacy and comfort to the human skin is also an important added value. 

Taking into consideration all these factors Loptex has introduced its EXA products line.

EXA includes a new products line for application and solutions in the spinning and nonwoven industries.

The technology present in EXA, by means of arrays of multiple embedded camera systems and multiple illumination sources, detects, classifies and eliminates all type of contaminants of industrial processes.

The cutting-edge digital embedded technology in EXA helps to fill the competence gap in the production process. The remote control option enables the optimization of settings and calibration providing full assistance to the operator. Furthermore, it features predictive maintenance analysis and on-line control of components.

 Loptex is member of ACIMIT, the Italian Textile Machine Association.ACIMIT, in collaboration with RINA, an international certifying body, invites all its associates to join the sustainability program which consists of presenting on an yearly basis, a ‘Green Label Certification’.

Loptex has been presented the Italian Green Label Award for their commitment to reducing their machinery’s carbon footprint.The Green Label award is based on parameters, values, methods which certifies Loptex commitment to deliver systems with minimum impact on industrial and natural environment.

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