Lenzing Instruments’ testing solutions for technical textiles and nonwovens

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An Austrian-based company, Lenzing Instruments, member of the Textechno Group, offers a wide portfolio of the latest technology in the field of textile testing for staple fiber, filament yarn, nonwovens and plastic film. Lenzing Instruments produces and develops instrumentation for a large number of applications, ranging from laboratory equipment to at-line units for use directly in production as well as sophisticated online sensor and camera systems. As a pioneer in the online sensor technology, Lenzing Instruments is an acknowledged partner for industry 4.0 solutions, offering real time defect control and monitoring of vital material characteristics.

The company’s wide product range includes both individual tailored systems for customized monitoring quality relevant material characteristics as well as standardized quality control equipment which complies with international standards such as ISO, DIN, ASTM, EDANA, and BISFA. Examples of the extensive range include, testing of nonwovens for hygienic purposes, of staple fiber for titer, tenacity and crimp, of filament yarn for defects, interlace knots, titer and draw tension, to mention just a few. With testing equipment from Lenzing Instruments, customers get high-end products, featuring state-of-the-art technology. All systems are subjected to continuous development with the purpose of offering customers up to date, efficient and accurate quality control systems.

Service and support go beyond the standard and are available for the entire service life of the system, optionally in the form of service contract. Moreover, Lenzing Instruments is the partner to turn to for customized solutions adapted to each specific application. Lenzing Instruments has a strong international presence with numerous installations all over the world. A worldwide network of representatives ensures competent technical consultation in the customer’s language and understanding of the specific conditions in each country. In India, this has been ensured by Tirupati Technik, who provide Indian customers excellent expert consultation and service when it comes to textile testing.

Some of the key customers of the company in India include, Reliance Industries Limited, Bhilosa Industries Limited, Gramsim Industries, AYM Syntex, SITRA, NITRA, Sanathan Textiles, Shubhalakshmi Polyesters, Filatex India Limited, Welspun India Limited and other polyester companies in India.

The company has been participating in Techtexil for the last 9 years and feel that Messe Frankfurt India, the organizers of the trade show, are easy to deal with and very professional. They are also very accessible whenever required. The company had rather few but quality customers who were business oriented when it had participated in the event in 2019. According to the company quite a few of the inquiries led to conversion. Overall satisfying; target achieved, is how the company describes its experience. The company’s vision is to become the number one partner for filament producers when it comes to online process- monitoring of filament yarn. Furthermore, one of Lenzing Instruments objectives is to also extend the Industry 4.0 compliancy of the laboratory product line.