Lenzing Instruments’ testing solutions for technical textiles and nonwovens

An Austrian-based company, Lenzing Instruments, member of the Textechno Group, offers a wide portfolio of the latest technology in the field of textile testing for staple fiber, filament yarn, nonwovens and plastic film. Lenzing Instruments produces and develops instrumentation for a large number of applications, ranging from laboratory equipment to at-line units for use directly […]

VEOCEL™ launches industry’s first Beauty Fiber Identification System

Lenzing – Globally, strong growth is expected in the beauty segment, with the facial sheet mask market forecasted to reach USD14 billion by 2030 . As consumers continue to look out for ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, the need for brands to provide product quality assurance and supply chain transparency is ever growing. […]

Truetzschler and Voith introduce new solutions for manufacturing broad range of sustainable nonwovens at Index

Truetzschler Nonwovens, Truetzschler Card Clothing and Voith introduce new solutions for manufacturing a broad range of sustainable nonwovens for wipes, hygiene or medical textiles at booth 2327. Plastic-free initiatives worldwide affect everyone: consumers, product developers, nonwoven producers and finally nonwoven machinery suppliers. Truetzschler Nonwovens and Voith address the quest for more sustainable and affordable nonwovens […]

Uster offers combined solution for nonwovens quality control

Nonwovens producers need their products to be flawless – but they know this objective takes some doing in practice. ‘Ordinary’ fabric inspection routines simply can’t deliver: only automated systems using high-performance spectroscopes are able to achieve the required standards, ensuring that quality is always significantly better. So, nonwovens manufacturers might be interested to hear first […]

EDANA and INDA jointly announce launch of standard procedures for nonwovens and related industries

EDANA and INDA, the leading global nonwovens associations, jointly announce the launch of the 2021 edition of standard procedures for the nonwovens and related industries. These Nonwovens Standard Procedures help technically define the nonwovens industry, with specifiers for the properties, composition, and specifications of its products. Offering harmonized language for the industry across the USA […]

True ways to quality nonwovens

When it comes to nonwovens, Truetzschler Nonwovens has shown the perfect way to producing quality products with its AquaJet, a spunlacing unit doing service in well over 150 installations worldwide The name of Truetzschler is well-known throughout India. As a first-tier cotton growing and processing country, India soon became a focus of Truetzschler’s business activities. […]

AUTEFA Solutions conducted successful spunlace trials in the Nonwovens Competence Center in Linz, Austria together with Lenzing and their team behind the VEOCEL™ brand

AUTEFA Solutions spunlace line with the Hydroentanglement Machine V- Jet FUTURA is available for further customer trials using the full portfolio of the company’s Nonwovens machinery “from bale to fabric” including opening and blending, web forming, hydroentanglement, drying as well as cutting and winding. Recently, a team from Lenzing that is known for their VEOCEL™ […]