Filantro First Exports Limited: Pioneering Crosslapped Spunlace Fabric with Innovative Solutions

Technical Textiles

Filantro First Exports Limited, established in 2018, is a leading manufacturer of Cross lapped spunlace fabric in India. Utilizing advanced technologies and the best practices, the company aims to become a global leader in spunlace nonwoven production. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sonipat, Haryana, Filantro First can produce 15000 MT tonnes of fabric with an impressive 3.2M width.

Products and Solutions

Filantro First offers a diverse range of crosslapped Spunlace Nonwoven in roll Goods, available in multiple thicknesses (30-150 GSM) and widths up to 3.2M. The fabrics are made from various fiber compositions, including Viscose, PET, Cotton, Tencel, PP, and PLA, providing soft and lofty materials. The products boast an array of features such as high strength, bacterial barrier, thermal insulation, flame retardancy, washability, resilience, liquid repellence, and water absorbency, with a high degree of softness.

Advantages over other similar solution providers

Setting itself apart from competitors, Filantro First operates India’s largest manufacturing facility for crosslapped spunlace fabric with a unique 3.2M width, enhancing fabric strength significantly. Additionally, the company introduces innovations such as vacuum packaging, preventing microbial growth by protecting the fabric from moisture, air, and dirt. Furthermore, the incorporation of a special lamination machine adds a layer of clear plastic, safeguarding the laminated material from smudges, stains, and liquids.

Techtextil India 2023

Filantro First is excited to showcase its cutting-edge products, innovations, and technological advancements at Techtextil India. The company expects to gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends, market developments, and research in technical textiles. They anticipate expanding their customer base, increasing brand recognition, and establishing vital networking and collaboration opportunities with industry experts.

Future Growth

The future growth prospects of the Technical Textiles and Nonwoven segment in the Indian market look promising. Factors such as innovative solutions, export opportunities, infrastructural developments, and government initiatives contribute to this positive outlook. However, it is crucial for companies to continue investing in research and development, collaborate with end-users, and stay responsive to evolving market needs to fully capitalize on the growth potential.