E+L – Revolutionizing Production of Technical Textiles with Top of the Line Web Guiding Systems

Technical Textiles

For a century now, Erhardt+Leimer (E+L) has been servicing the textile industry worldwide by developing and manufacturing web guiding equipment.

With automation technology in moving webs at its core, E+L has on offer different levels of integration across industries, especially textiles. Its state-of-the-art web guiding and spreading systems, web tension controls, sensors and controlling solutions besides cutting and inspection systems have been in use around the world. E+L excels in helping customers produce reliable, cost effective, and quality products. 

Bouquet of Web Guiding Systems

E+L’s revolutionary solutions include cloth guider ELTWIN, segmented roll guider ELSMART, steering roll guider ELROLLER, pivoting frame ELGUIDER besides stenter infeed system ELFEED, shear cutting system ELCUT, motorized support beam ELPOSER-VS, web tension control system ELTENS, metal detection system ELMETA and web straightening system ELSTRAIGHT.

Different sensors such as edge and wide band sensors or CCD cameras, are offered depending upon the guidance mode – whether for centreline guiding or guiding by one web edge. Infrared sensors are suggested for non-transparent materials like textile webs and ultrasonic sensors are recommended for transparent films.

The company offers 3 different width monitoring systems with the most popular being the wide band sensor FE45 which is not only cost effective but is easy to install without a start up procedure. It is plainly a mount-and-plug system to begin working with.

E+L’s precise web guiding systems optimize each process to minimize waste.

Solutions – A Glimpse

ELGUIDER pivoting frame systems is recommended for technical textiles that have wider width of up to 5-6 metres, higher GSM and web tension and for weights of more than 100 kilograms. ELGUIDER works extremely well for material that have high tensions up to 20,000 N.

Elastic materials can be guided better by using ELSMART segmented roll guider system. The system can guide knitted fabrics, uncurl the edges and can spread the material to a defined width.

The ELFEED stenter infeed system KRS60 reduces waste by avoiding over-pinning of the web. It is compact and comes with a brushless gear motor system with integrated controller and is maintenance free. The heart of the system is the highly precise infrared sensor FR55.

Light, hydro entangled non-wovens for the hygiene industry need ELBANDER steering roller system which can guide the big and high speed belt dryers to their precise position. The ELBANDER system can be installed in dryers with a maximum speed of up to 500m/min.

 For trimming the edges, ELCUT – shear cutting system – can be mounted on a manual of motorized support. ELPOSER-VS is a state-of-the-art motorized support beam with a fully automated positioning.

ELPOSER-VS with 2 edge sensors – infrared or ultrasonic or with one or two CCD cameras are useful for high accuracies. All systems can be programmed with a target web width value, with two higher and lower offset values.

ELTENS web tension control system in technical textiles is imperative for the laminating process where different webs are combined – with less or high elasticity. If the constantly optimized tensions under production are not guaranteed, the finished product may get damaged, for example, dashboards in cars at high temperatures where the material may bubble up or develop folds.

The metal detection system ELMETA prevents expensive machinery from mechanical damages. The ELMETA can detect metal parts that can be found frequently for example in needle punch products. A light signal is alerted by ELMETA MDS when a metal part is encountered anywhere in the web. It shows a 300mm wide segment area where the part is lodged.

ELSTRAIGHT Heavy Duty web straightening system is the reinforced version of E+L’s standard ELSTRAIGHT with an oversized bow and skew roller with a smart camera sensor system. It is useful in manufacturing absolutely straight woven fabrics in technical textiles category that are generally in high demand from industries such as automotive.

E+L is one of the biggest players in load cells and digital web tension controllers in the market with more than 15,000 load cell sales per year.

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