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Innovation Technology

For needlepunching, AUTEFA Solutions has developed monitoring and quality improvement techniques with its 3-level Closed Loop Control System. A scanner evaluates weight distribution in the final product, while the control system adjusts the profile at the crosslapper Topliner and the card feed accordingly.

André Imhof, CEO AUTEFA Solutions Switzerland

The 3-level Closed Loop Control System also incorporates the WebMax Web Profile Control, which ensures that the fabric profile is regular in both directions. This results in excellent fabric uniformity, with consequent savings in materials and costs. AUTEFA Solutions lines cover the needs of the highly competitive nonwovens market. An improved and uniform surface quality has been set as a key objective by the customers. Therefore, AUTEFA Solutions offers the service of a customized needle board pattern. The needling simulation software i-Point 3.0 increases the capacity and the quality of needlepunched fabrics. This customized design of the needle pattern, which takes into account draft and shrinkage, is focused on the target range of PPCM required by the customer The latest development was designed for high needle density to promote faster production speeds with almost no needle marks on the felt surface.

AUTEFA Solutions Switzerland CEO André Imhof:” There is a growing demand for needled technical applications e.g. the filtration business and particularly the growing demand for PTFE filters is another category. In Asia we see an increasing demand for artificial leather mainly for clothing, furniture and for the automotive sector. This requires a higher number of new needle looms. AUTEFA Solutions is a full-line supplier and a market leader for top quality artificial leather lines.”

“Our unique web-forming technology ideally meets our customers’ needs at this time, and we see the upward trend in order intake being sustained in future, particularly in combined card and crosslapper solutions. Our advanced spunlace manufacturing systems are able to deliver high standards of quality and performance, with the all-important advantage of rapid investment payback.”he added.

The spunlace sector is becoming increasingly competitive for end product manufacturers. AUTEFA Solutions offers complete lines to produce direct and crosslappedspunlace products. The Hydroentanglement Machine V-Jet FUTURA and the Square Drum Dryer SQ-V, bring considerable cost saving thru innovative process development. This new technology offers a significant reduction of energy consumption in both bonding and drying processes compared to any state-of- the-art line.

AUTEFA Solutions Square Drum Dryer SQ-V combines the advantage of a horizontal belt dryer and the optimized drying efficiency with the space advantage of a drum dryer, resulting in increased drying length with a small footprint. AUTEFA Solutions high-speed oven HiPerTherm HS distinguishes itself with an improved airflow system operating at high production speeds. The double nozzle system allows the creation of extremely uniform product properties. The key strengths of the AUTEFA Solutions belt dryers are highest uniform airflow with precisely adjustable temperature distribution and the ability to maintain loft.

The machine has been especially designed for the manufacturing of top sheets and ADL, markets which demand utmost accuracy. AUTEFA Solutions supplies the full range of future-proofed nonwovens machinery, covering needlepunch lines, aerodynamic web forming, spunlace and thermobonding equipment. Application sectors range from hygiene and wipes through filtration, geotextiles, automotive, carpets, technical felts, wadding and insulation. In the premium nonwovens segment, AUTEFA Solutions is renowned for the quality, durability and performance of its technology for both forming and bonding processes, incorporating the expertise of world-leading group brands such as Fehrer, FOR and Strahm.