The right filament yarn treatment topped with special services

Innovation Technology

Heberlein incorporates tradition and innovation power. The brand is known for its great expertise as well as for customized solutions offering genuine added value. Key components for machines and applications Swiss made by Heberlein offer the right technology to professionals. A recent investment in Heberlein’s textile laboratory offers to customers services which pave the way to successful business.

The company’s core competence are the development and production of highly specialised key components for the modification and treatment of synthetic yarns, particularly filament yarns. Besides maintaining an established product range, Heberlein also systematically ensures innovation. This challenge is met by leading specialists and an efficient infrastructure with flow simulation, yarn analysis, component measurement, and state-of-the-art processing machines.ATY made perfect and competitive: Air-textured yarn (ATY) can bring a special look and feel to any fabric – in both apparel and technical applications. Properties such as elasticity, heat insulation, and excellent moisture absorption make these yarns popular for wide-ranging end-uses.

Eva Wang, CEO, Heberlein

The production of ATY can certainly be challenging. Generally, the process suffers from comparatively low productivity, which may be attributed to rapid contamination and inconsistent yarn quality. ATY manufacturers also face limited process windows, which narrows their ability to exploit market potential fully. The air-jet itself is the key to overcoming these difficulties – with a high-tech solution to achieve an airflow level twice as fast as sonic speed inside the jet.

Heberlein ® TexJet-ATY (white paper available for free download at is the flagship of the wide product range. The TexJet-ATY produces superior yarn at high processing speeds. It is used to produce very fine to coarse yarns made of polyester, polyamide (PA6 or PA6.6) and polypropylene and in the production of high-grade flame and effect yarns.

DTY for creativity, quality and profit

Heberlein jets used for texturing make a unique product or – the other purpose of DTY – yarns improving productivity as their characteristics allow for higher production speed, improved bobbin build-up and a reduced number of filament and yarn breaks in the following processes. For the perfect finishing for the correlative application or for intermingling for profitable filament yarn production – or both – Heberlein offers the universal jet concept for the interlacing of DTY with SlideJet FT15-2. The SlideJet system is designed on a modular principle, allowing one basic housing for all different types of jet inserts. The most effective jet insert can be selected depending on the specific yarn requirement.

Heberlein TexJet-ATY designed, produced and tested in Switzerland

An easy exchange of the jet inserts is ensured by a simple push of a button. Requirements in the markets are very different considering the countless applications of textured yarns. The product portfolio consists of series P141-2 to P247-2 with patented air twist chamber for very regular interlacing with a maximum number of interlacing knots up to speeds of 1200 m/min. High or low interlacing stability is possible depending on the air pressure and overfeed.

The optimal conditions for regular interlacing of microfilament yarns are achieved at low air pressure. The series P211-2 to P412-2 with vortex chamber ensure fewer but highly stable interlacing knots, whereas the series P310-2 and P410-2 produce interlacing with as few interlacing knots as possible.

Heberlein ® SwissJet is designed for high-quality and cost-effective interlacing of DTY. The jet has a housing that is specially reinforced with carbon fibres which give it particularly great strength during operation and a very long life. The series S1, S2 and S3 features patented air twist chamber for yarns up to 240 dtex. S12, S13, S16 and S18 equipped with a vortex chamber are developed for a limited number of knots while retaining high stability.

Textile laboratory

Some innovation need the expertise as provided at Heberlein’s textile laboratory located at Wattwil, Switzerland. Experienced experts advise on textiles, procedural and economic issues, and end-use applications of filament yarns. Comprehensive services also include trouble-shooting and solutions to process-related problems. The highlight of the lab is a brand-new DTY pilot machine. This investment is the latest improvement to technical and testing facilities which enables Heberlein to continue the development of trendsetting high-quality products for customers world-wide.