Triumphs and Visionary Ventures: Valvan Soenen India’s 2023 Success with CEO Mr. Dilip Thaker and Vice President Asia Mr. Soumya Kanti Ganguly

Success Story

In an illuminating conversation with Mr. Dilip Thaker, the CEO of Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd., we delve into the remarkable performance of the company in 2023 and its ambitious plans for the future. Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd. is a key player in the Valtech Group, and Mr. Thaker provides valuable insights into the triumphs of both the textile and automotive sectors in the Indian market.

Dilip Thaker, CEO, Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd.

The year 2023 witnessed unprecedented success for Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd., with performance exceeding the anticipated group standards. Both the textile and automotive sectors achieved monumental success, with machine sales and production reaching commendable milestones. Despite challenges in the textile market, particularly on the fiber front, the company navigated through by undertaking a slew of new projects and excelling in refurbishment and service operations.

When questioned about the importance of the Indian market for Valvan Soenen, Mr. Thaker emphasized that India is not just a market; it is the future. Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the Asian market, the company sees the imperative need for substantial investment. Mr. Thaker exudes confidence in this decision, extending it to other Southeast Asian markets where Valvan Soenen has a presence, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The Indian entity of Valvan Soenen is set to play a pivotal role, overseeing sales, aftersales, manufacturing, packaging, and storage.

Delving into the specifics of their product line, Mr. Thaker outlined the focus areas for manufacturing. In the textile sector, the company is geared towards producing Fiber Baling presses and advanced Bleaching and Dyeing Machines for CDB, a subsidiary under the Valtech umbrella. Meanwhile, in the sheet metal and automobile sector, Valvan Soenen has experienced substantial growth, establishing itself as a key player through collaborations with major automotive companies. Reflecting on the short but impactful journey in both the textile and automotive industries, Mr. Thaker envisions a promising future for Valvan Soenen. Acknowledging the cyclical nature of the capital growth market, the company aims for sustained growth, anchored by the diverse product range at its disposal. Mr. Thaker outlines ambitious plans for the coming years, with growth targets exceeding 120 crores over the next 3 to 4 years.

When probed about the growth prospects in India, Mr. Thaker sees the country as a burgeoning hub for recycling companies. Valvan Soenen offers a spectrum of solutions within the recycling vertical, catering to industrial waste from automotive and textile processes. With the rising trend of discarding vehicles after a certain lifespan in the automotive industry, India presents a substantial opportunity for the recycling market to thrive. Mr. Thaker expresses optimism about potential projects in India, aligning with the successful models witnessed in Europe and America.

In conclusion, the interview with Mr. Dilip Thaker unveils Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd.’s strategic vision, unwavering confidence in the Indian market, and a commitment to sustainable growth. As the company continues to pioneer progress in textiles, automotive, and recycling, it sets a precedent for industry leadership in the years to come. Furthermore, their foray into Khopoli marks a bold step towards a future where sustainable manufacturing takes center stage. The upcoming unit symbolizes innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. As Valtech continues to flourish in India, it brings not only cutting-edge technology but also a promise of a greener, more sustainable future for the entire Asian market.

In continuation in conversation with Mr. Soumya Kanti Ganguly, Vice-President Asia at Valvan Soenen India, we gained insights into Valtech’s exceptional performance in 2023 and their visionary plans for the future in details. Valtech, a distinguished machine manufacturing group, operates across 17 companies, encompassing diverse sectors such as automobiles, hydraulics, recycling, textiles, automation, and electronics and ASRS. In India, their textile and automation segments have experienced remarkable growth and success.

Two key players under the Valtech umbrella in India are Valvan Baling Systems and Callebaut de Blicquy (CDB). Valvan Baling has earned the top spot in Viscose production, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. Meanwhile, CDB stands out as a premier designer and manufacturer of advanced bleaching and dyeing machines, setting itself apart as the only European company with such a diversified set of solutions. CDB takes pride in its commitment to sustainability technology, boasting state-of-the-art machinery that minimizes pollutant and chemical discharge, reduces water and electricity consumption, and holds prestigious green certifications. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the increasing global demand for eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Soumya Kanti Ganguly, Vice-President Asia at Valvan Soenen India

Exciting news for textile and automotive enthusiasts comes in the form of Valtech’s recent acquisition of 7 acres of land in Khopoli, near Lonavala. This marks a significant milestone as Valtech begins construction on its first manufacturing plant outside of Europe. Anticipated to be fully operational by the end of 2024, this facility will be a testament to the company’s expansion and commitment to the Indian market. This upcoming unit in Khopoli is poised to play a pivotal role in Valtech’s operations, focusing initially on basic product assembly. Critical components will be sourced from the headquarters in Belgium, ensuring a seamless integration of global expertise into the local manufacturing process. The initial phase will see the unit supporting European principals, manufacturing non-critical items, and gradually evolving to cater independently to the entire Asian market.

Mr. Ganguly emphasized the strategic significance of India in Valtech’s growth trajectory. With the acquisition of the Khopoli facility, Valtech aims to establish a robust support structure for its European principals and capitalize on the vast potential of the Indian subcontinent. India is perceived as the next big playground for Valtech, and they are poised to leverage this opportunity to its fullest. As the textile industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards sustainability, Valtech is well-positioned to meet the expectations of global giants. These industry leaders demand a manufacturing process that is not only circular but also environmentally friendly, incorporating recycling and other eco-conscious measures. Valtech’s commitment to green practices aligns seamlessly with the evolving preferences of their clientele, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship with fashion giants committed to sustainable practices. Valtech is blessed to have clients like Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Omax, Diamond Metals Grasim, Reliance, Vardhman Textile, Swan Medicot, Precot Meridian, Toyota, named as a few.

“Amidst challenges, Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd. excels through innovation, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to growth. Our journey is not just about success; it’s about forging a legacy where excellence becomes a tradition.” – Mr. Dilip Thaker, CEO, Valvan Soenen India Pvt. Ltd.

Empowering Valvan Soenen’s journey in Asia, we thrive on the synergy of innovation and sustainability. Our upcoming unit in Khopoli symbolizes our dedication to pioneering solutions, bringing a new era of manufacturing excellence to the vibrant Indian subcontinent.” – Mr. Soumya Kanti Ganguly, Vice-President Asia, Valvan Soenen India.