Salmoiraghi Group’s Pinnacle Leadership in Automation Excellence


In the intricate world of precision engineering, Salmoiraghi Group stands tall as a symbol of innovation and excellence. As we delve into a comprehensive interaction with Mr. Sandro Salmoiraghi, the CEO of Salmoiraghi Group, we unravel the remarkable journey of the company, its recent successes, and its ambitious vision for the future.

Sandro Salmoiraghi, President, (left), and Giorgio Salmoiraghi, CEO, Salmoiraghi

Mr. Sandro Salmoiraghi reflects on the challenges and victories of 2023, a year marked by both intense challenges and the acquisition of new customers. Despite the hurdles, the company showcased resilience, dominating in areas where its presence was still burgeoning. Notably, a significant increase in turnover and the successful commissioning of automation systems underscored the company’s triumphs.


The CEO highlights Salmoiraghi Group’s recent innovations presented at ITMA, including an avant-garde system for loading POY Creels on Warping and or Texturizing Creels. Mr. Salmoiraghi provides insights into ongoing projects and collaborations with reference customers, showcasing the company’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries.

Looking ahead to 2024, Mr. Salmoiraghi anticipates significant growth, particularly in the Indian market. The CEO notes a surge in the order book, with India emerging as a dynamic force. He points to the company’s involvement in key projects, exemplified by the upcoming inauguration at Garden Silk in Surat, where Salmoiraghi played a pivotal role in supplying full Handling Systems for a new Modern FDY project.

Indian market

Mr. Salmoiraghi sheds light on the company’s key global markets, with a steadfast focus on the Far East. India, with its increasing volumes and innovative potential, is gaining prominence within Salmoiraghi Group’s market strategy.

In detailing the company’s presence in India, Mr. Salmoiraghi elaborates on the sophisticated automation solutions Salmoiraghi Group offers. From Automatic Doffing to Transport, Control, Management, Storage, Palletization and Pallet Automatic warehouse, the company’s systems are tailored to meet the evolving demands of the Indian market.

Anticipating India’s growth, Mr. Salmoiraghi expresses confidence in the market’s dynamic future. The CEO emphasizes Salmoiraghi’s commitment to offering highly efficient systems and supporting the Indian textile industry’s expansion.

In a highly competitive industry, Mr. Salmoiraghi distinguishes his company by highlighting its 60 years of history, over 20 years of experience and supply of systems on the Indian market and operational permanence in Italy. He underscores the advantages of “Made in Italy” quality, flexibility, and innovation, emphasizing the long-lasting nature of Salmoiraghi’s products.

Focus on Sustainability

Addressing the growing focus on sustainable manufacturing, Mr. Salmoiraghi points out the company’s commitment to European regulations and sustainability directives. Salmoiraghi’s adherence to these standards, coupled with AI technology, ensures energy savings and efficient monitoring, aligning with textile mills’ sustainability goals.

As Salmoiraghi Group continues to scale new heights, Mr. Sandro Salmoiraghi’s insights provide a glimpse into a future where innovation, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship define the company’s trajectory. The journey unfolds with a resolute commitment to excellence, promising a future where Salmoiraghi Group remains at the forefront of precision engineering, shaping industries and redefining standards.

Salmoiraghi’s successful partnership with Garden Silk Mills

Garden Silk Mills Private Limited celebrated the successful inauguration of its FDY yarn expansion project, boasting an impressive capacity of 272 tons per day. This expansion marks a pivotal moment for the company, as it now produces “best in class” FDY yarn tailored for knitting, weaving, and sizing applications.

The state-of-the-art plant comprises nine lines of Oerlikon-Barmag Wings+ winders, each serviced by Salmoiraghi “Twin-Doffer” machines. These cuttingedge machines efficiently handle the simultaneous picking and loading of FDY yarn bobbins, utilizing ground carts or overhead motorized shuttle vehicles. Salmoiraghi’s innovative design includes an overhead transport loop equipped with dedicated stations for bobbin labeling, weighing, and quality checks. Following these meticulous checks, the bobbins are then transferred to a temporary warehouse via stacker cranes, offering over 1000 rack spaces.

A sophisticated computerized control system oversees every aspect of the operation, ensuring seamless data collection and management, thereby guaranteeing quality and traceability throughout production. This groundbreaking project, a collaborative effort between India and Italy, underscores Garden Silk Mills’ unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency.