Teijin and Envision Racing Extend Multi-year Partnership


The Teijin Group announced today that it has extended its multi-year partnership with Envision Racing Formula E Team to support the team’s continuing participation in ABB FIA Formula E World Championship electric-vehicle racing. The Teijin Group has been supporting the team since 2020, helping to raise awareness of the company’s contributions to climate-change mitigation and adaptation.

 Formula E driver suit made with Teijinconex® neo 

Jun Suzuki, chairperson of Teijin Limited said: “Teijin is committed to developing sustainable technologies and raising awareness of the need for climate-change action. Through our support of the Envision Racing Formula E Team, we wish to convey our environmental commitments to Teijin stakeholders as well as promote Teijin technologies and products that are helping to reduce the automotive industry’s environmental impact.”

Akimoto Uchikawa, President and CEO of Teijin Limited, said: “The partnership with the Envision Racing Formula E Team is enabling Teijin both to promote and to implement initiatives aimed at mitigating climate change. As a people-focused company that develops innovative solutions for enhanced quality of life, Teijin strives to minimize the environment and societal impact of all aspects of its business.”

Franz Jung, Vice President of Envision Group and Chairman of the Board of Envision Racing said: “On behalf of Envision Group we are all delighted that the Teijin Group and our racing team are continuing their journey together. It is fantastic to have brands onboard with the team that share the same goals and objectives as Envision.”

Sylvain Filippi, Managing Director and CTO at Envision Racing said: “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the aim of implementing advanced solutions and using our platform in Formula E to increase awareness of Teijin technologies and products.”

Global efforts aimed at carbon neutrality and reduced environmental burdens continue to accelerate. Formula E was launched in 2014 as the world’s first fully electric single-seater racing series conducted on city-center circuits worldwide. By eliminating the use of fossil fuels to power vehicles and minimizing CO2 emissions in its operations, Formula E is attracting a growing fanbase representing a wide spectrum of ages. In the Covid-shortened 2021 season from February to August, the sport reportedly attracted over 316 million live spectators, up sharply from the prior year.

Envision Racing Team, racing car

Through its support for the Envision Racing Formula E Team, Teijin is exploring new business opportunities based on its development of advanced technologies and knowhow for next-generation automobiles. For example, Teijin participated in the team’s Race Against Climate ChangeTM event, which is aimed at accelerating the transition to clean, secure and affordable renewable energy as well as the mass adoption of e-mobility. Also, the team’s drivers now wear protective suits incorporating Teijin’s flame-retardant Teijinconex® neo meta-aramid, which fully complies with REACH and other leading chemical-industry environmental standards. Going forward, the company will continue leveraging these initiatives to raise brand awareness in prospective industries as well as promote the company’s ceaseless evolution in support of a more sustainable society.