Stone laying of new TIPL production facility


One stone can sometimes make a massive impact. On April 5, Trützschler celebrated the laying of a foundation stone for its new 164,000-square-meter factory near Ahmedabad in India. It will open up enormous potential to meet our customers’ needs in India and around the world. And the state-of-the-art facility is another big step forward for our growing business.

From left, Dr. Michael Schürenkrämer, Shareholder of Trützschler Group SE, Dr. Roland Münch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Trützschler Group SE, Mr. Anuj Bhagwati, Managing Director of A.T.E., Mr. Joseph Thomson, Managing Director of Trützschler India, Mr. Jayesh Bhatt, Member of the Board of Directors of Trützschler India, Mr. Kashyap Bhavsar, Vice President – Finance of Trützschler India, and Mr. Ashish Sharma, Vice President Sales, Marketing and Service of Trützschler India.

Since 1977, Trützschler India has operated at its current location in the Narol area of Ahmedabad. It’s now time to relocate to a larger and more modern facility that can further strengthen the company’s competitive edge and boost its capacity to serve customers. The new factory in Sanand will feature a 67,000-square-meter production area plus a two-floor office building covering 6,000 square meters, including landscape gardening architecture. The plans for the site already include possible expansion phases – because Trützschler India is always focused on growth.

The stone-laying ceremony performed by Dr. Roland Münch, Mr. Anuj Bhagwati, Dr. Michael Schürenkrämer, Mr. Jayesh Bhatt (from bottom to top).

The stone-laying ceremony was performed by Dr. Michael Schürenkrämer, Shareholder of Trützschler Group SE, Dr. Roland Münch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Trützschler Group SE, Mr. Jayesh Bhatt, Member of the Board of Directors of Trützschler India, and Mr. Anuj Bhagwati, Managing Director of A.T.E. Together, they launched the process of building a modern factory that will boost Trützschler’s capacity to produce spinning preparation machines and card clothings. In addition, the site will also include a new facility for making nonwoven equipment.

Modern manufacturing

Trützschler’s new factory is designed to incorporate an impressive range of innovative and sustainable features. It will have a solar rooftop, natural daytime lighting, solar-powered air conditioning and solar-operated street lights, as well as charging points for electric vehicles, heat-reflective tiles, a rainwater collection system and a zero-wastewater discharge approach. It will also use cutting-edge systems to monitor and reduce emissions, and will use automation and Artificial Intelligence to optimize its processes. In this way, the new site is being designed to meet the requirements for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 50001-2018, while also fulfilling the criteria for the “Gold” rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

The first stones are buried in the ground.

The new site will carry forward its constant focus on boosting efficiency and productivity – while reducing waste and emissions. This enables the company to maximize the value it creates for customers in India and around the globe, while also minimizing its environmental footprint. The company already operates a lean manufacturing approach and 5S concept, with initiatives such as quality circles, daily reviews and regular cross-functional interactions.

Training from Trützschler

Alongside its manufacturing facilities, this new location will also host a Customer Training Center. Experts from Trützschler will share their knowledge and help customers to stay up-to-date about the latest trends and technologies. An expanded Trützschler Training Academy will also enhance the company’s capacity to train young people with employable skills so that they can support their families. This project is fully aligned with the government’s “Skill India Mission”.

“Trützschler India is committed to serving the growing domestic and international demand with our cutting-edge products,” said Mr. Joseph Thomson, Managing Director of Trützschler India. “With this new facility, we aim to further strengthen our position in the textile market in India.”