SICAM’s experience mixed with innovation, an answer to the new world needs

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Starting from 2020, the world changed its primary needs and terms like hygiene, protection, sustainability became daily used. This was linked also to an unpredictable growth of all the products related to these fields and this means the born of new spunlace, meltblown, wetlaid and spunbond lines.

SICAM, with its more than half a century experience in the nonwovens fields and with an intrinsic attitude to innovation, had already experience with these kind of installations during the past years and, since this period, started to further renew and innovate these kind of equipment, investing also in a continuous improvement of these technologies in combination with new raw materials in order to increasingly improve in terms of costs for the customer and for the environment.

SICAM complete line for Spunlace and pulp wetlaid can be defined as a perfect example of the high performances that SICAM can obtain thanks to its technologies and experience.

The airlay system, suitable for low weights, the elevate performance waterjet, the high efficiency oven and the new dewatering system make this line a reference point for the spunlace field.

2021 was for sure the year of the establishment of SICAM as an Italian excellence in these sectors with some huge worldwide projects already in commissioning.

2022 will be the year in whom SICAM will be able to present its achievements and long time story to the large public thanks also to exhibitions like IDEA. We wait for you at our booth 4806 to show you our novelties and core business machines!