Showcasing cutting-edge technology and Radeecal innovation, Nonwoven Tech Africa Exhibition welcomes global textile players

Mr. Sanyal Desai, Managing Director, Radeecal Communications

Gaining visibility in any industry is a stone to break, making platforms that spotlight emerging players vital. That’s why the textile industry both relishes and benefits from the exhibitions that bring global players together. Radeecal Communications is one of the most prominent names in this industry, especially in India and Kenya. They are renowned organisers of events across industries like agriculture, dairy & livestock and textiles. Throughout their time in the industry, the company has supported Indian manufacturers and traders and has now set roots in East Africa as well.

After having several successful exhibitions under its belt like Agri Asia, DLP Asia and Africa, Agritech Africa and Graintech Africa, Radeecal is all set to bring forward Non Woven Tech Africa, being held on 23, 24 and 25th February 2023. This exhibition and conference is expected to host players from nonwoven textiles from across 12 countries. The event will be held in the heart of Nairobi city at Kenyatta International Exhibition Centre, Nairobi Kenya, in a 200 sq. metre space. One can witness revolutionary innovations by seasoned and new players from the filtration and separation industry, packaging industry, medical, health & personal care sector, nonwoven converters, landfill textile, chemical industry, agriculture sector, textile & apparel and many more.

The seed for Non Woven Tech Africa was sown before Covid with an aim to uplift companies that wish to explore newer high-potential markets. The event aims to attract investment and attention to a prominent developing country- Kenya.

Kenya- A Strategical Hub for Land and Resources

Non Woven Tech Africa shined in the era of virtual events as a one-of-its-kind exhibition. It attracted a huge audience and exhibitors who faced the challenges of the pandemic head-on, innovating their way forward. Radeecal was able to tighten its grip on the east African market in the process. Mr. Sanyal Desai, currently the Managing Director, shared his perspective by saying: “We were able to grasp how the end consumer’s evolving needs would affect the market demand. It also helped us assess the potential of this market and how strategically viable it is to conduct business here”.

According to Mr. Sanyal, Kenya is tactically efficient for both import and export from all parts of the world. It is also viable to trade with neighbouring countries including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. Kenya is a market that is bringing new opportunities for global players. The environment is favourable for Indian players in particular. Because of subsidies and accommodating government policies, Kenya has become a fertile ground for new Industries. Moreover, these two countries have a deeper connection that goes back a hundred years. It is famous that the rail track from Mombasa to Congo was built by Indians.

Since then, the two countries have maintained good trade relations and look into a bright future. Radeecal is playing its part as a bridge between potentials for demand and supply. Reading the current trends, Mr. Desai was instant that building a presence in East Africa is an opportunity not to miss. He adds that in such a market situation it is not necessary to set up a manufacturing unit which would require a heavy investment. It is easier to trade first, get a lay of the land and then set up facilities that can take your company to the next level.

Kenya offers immense potential for traders and manufacturers of nonwovens. The country imports all its medical textiles, such as diapers and sanitary napkins. This opens gates for players in medical textiles and healthcare. Agritech textiles are also in demand as Kenya is primarily an agriculture-based country. Sustainable innovative product packaging will be welcomed too as Kenya is already taking many initiatives to promote eco-activities. For instance, the country has already banned all single-use plastic manufacturing and supply and is looking for innovations in green materials and products for further development. Their new government is led by a dynamic president who understands young entrepreneurs. Kenya is inviting investment and businesses to find their place in this economy. There have been some significant initiatives to fuel the same. Radeecal also organised one such forum in Ahmedabad on the 17th of November, 2022, in collaboration with the Kenya high commission.

It was a vibrant event where the Kenyan ambassador addressed over 150 attendees from different industries and sectors where investment could result in high returns.

The Radeecal Way Into An Evolving World

Radeecal entered the African market in 2014 with Agritech Africa. Since then, they have depended their roots and understood the clientele. They have a base in Kenya, a strong team and a vision for growth. They have set out to create something extraordinary through which all stakeholders can prosper. It is a quest to innovate in technology and ideas that can help build a future for Nonwovens in Africa along with other focus industries.

The company has full-fledged resources to help companies set foot in this market. They are associated with the government of Kenya and the Embassy of Kenya in India. With consistent effort and insights into the global market, the company soon plans to branch into more countries as well. Currently, Radeecal is a proud organiser of some of the most sought-after exhibitions in India and Kenya and aims to take its initiatives global soon.

“After Non Woven Tech Africa, we will work on two more amazing exhibitions- Dairy, Livestock and Poultry, Kenya and Meditech and healthcare Kenya. Our vision for the coming year is to create bigger shows that give visibility to as many innovations as possible. We also want to conceptualise and organise exhibitions and events in other industries”, Mr. Desai sharing his vision for the company.

Radeecal’s leadership wants to bind the industry in these days of severe competition. They believe in collective growth through a healthy competition where each innovation has a unique place. We are looking forward to watching this vision come to life in the upcoming Non Woven Tech Africa Exhibition.