RadiciGroup at Techtextil with innovative textile solutions

Technical Textiles

RadiciGroup is at Techtextil 2022, the leading European trade fair for technical textiles, taking place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from 21 to 24 June. On display in the RadiciGroup exhibition area (Hall 9.1 – Stand D50) are the Group’s latest products for the automotive, furnishings and apparel markets: from nylon and polyester yarn, including biosource and recycled lines, to nonwovens and the new radipeople® line of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“Our focus at the trade fair is on technical applications,” noted Marco De Silvestri, sales & marketing manager of the Apparel and Technical Business Line of RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions. “These sectors have always been the centre of attention at RadiciGroup: outdoors, workwear, automotive and sports, to mention just a few of the target sectors where RadiciGroup high performance products are used. In addition to our traditional range, we are presenting our sustainable offering. In recent years, we have expanded our line of solutions developed according to the principles of sustainability and the circular economy, with the awareness that this approach needs to move forward beyond theory and be put into practice. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of materials, we offer to partner with our customers in designing and realizing innovative and environmentally friendly proposals.”

Indeed, at Techtextil, RadiciGroup is showcasing RENYCLE®, a yarn obtained from recycled nylon; REPETABLE®, a polyester yarn from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles; RESPUNSIBLE®, a nonwoven fabric from recycled polypropylene; and BIOFEEL®, a brand identifying a yarn line obtained from renewable sources of both nylon and polyester.

Care for the environment and the protection of people. In fact, at the fair RadiciGroup is also presenting radipeople®, a new line dedicated to personal protective equipment for the medical and industrial sectors: coveralls, gowns and accessories with different levels of protection, depending on
the intended use, for a variety of industries, such as construction, agriculture, oil and gas,
chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food.

Moreover, RadiciGroup is participating in a forum organized by the Technical Textiles Section of
Sistema Moda Italia in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency (ICE) (Hall 12.1 – Stand C58),
with the goal of introducing product innovations not only coming from a single manufacturer, but also
from an innovative synergistic approach all along the supply chain, from raw materials to finished
products. An example of this synergistic collaboration is the “Mars Spacesuit”, recently tested in the
USA by analogue astronauts as part of a space medicine project designed to measure the vital
signs of future astronauts and develop technologies to support the simulation of life in space and
planetary environments. RadiciGroup teamed up with major Italian textile companies and supplied
the materials to make the suits for the six analogue astronauts participating in the mission and
coordinated the development of the technologies needed to create the technicalwear for use in extreme
environmental conditions.

A RadiciGroup press conference introducing the latest technical textile products developed by the
Group, with special focus on eco-design and the circular economy, is scheduled for Wednesday,
22 June, at 11:30 a.m., at the Group’s stand, Hall 9.1 – Stand D50. Speaking at the press
conference are Marco De Silvestri, sales & marketing manager of the Apparel and Technical
Business Line; Enrico Buriani, CEO of the RadiciGroup Nonwovens Business Line; and Aldo
Tempesti, head of the Textile Division of Sistema Moda Italia.

Finally, RadiciGroup is represented at the Techtextil Forum lecture series on 23 June, at 10.30
a.m. (Hall 9 Level 1 – Stand D80), by Loris Maestri, R&D product development engineer for the
Apparel and Technical Line of RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions, who is giving a talk on
technical fabric recycling. Click here for more information.