Meera Industries to launch two new products at Techtextil 2021

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Meera Industries established in 2006 is an ISO registered company. It started its journey by manufacturing a small POT TFO Twister. The company has come a long way now. They are now manufacturing a large variety of twisting and winding machines, touching upon various sectors in textiles like fabrics, carpets, technical textiles, fishing industry, coating, industrial threads, belting & cords, artificial grass, safety products, FIBC, etc. Just like everyone else the company had its share of gloomy days in FY 2021. However, it believes that “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” and therefore, decided to focus on what it does best – innovation. It decided to go full throttle on new product development projects which had been languishing for a long time. At the end of the financial year, the company is ready with a new mix of products with advanced features. Along with many minor developments, the company developed two new major products which are a major milestone.

The CT-260 Cabler / Twister with Individual Tape Drive System for BCF Carpet Segment. And the DTX-300 Twister with Precision winding for Technical Textile Segment. Meera has developed quite a large variety of twisting and winding machines related to technical textiles mainly for Geotech, Packtech, Indutech, Agrotech, Home Tech, Protech sectors. Some of the important machines for the technical textile industries are Ring Twisters, TPRS – One step S / Z Twister, DTX – direct twisting + precision winding, Carpet Cabler, High Speed Twister etc.

One of the key USPs of the company’s products is that they meet international quality standards. The company also believes in the concept of ‘3C’ – Customization, Convenience, Cost, to win over customers. The company is flexible to help customers from the technical textiles sector, customize even micro level adaptations in the machines. As these machines are available in India, It comforts the customer in terms of reducing the time lags for trials, production, delivery and after sales service. Finally, according to the company, they are better placed when compared to global players due to their prices.

The company considers this a win-win situation for everybody paving the way for an ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat.’ The company feels that the next 5 years will be boom time for the Indian economy. It is therefore preparing itself on those lines. Meera is constructing about 80,000 sq ft. of new building space as a part of its expansion plan for 2021-2022. The company has also added several new machines. It plans to double its capacity from the present levels. The company supplies to some of the leading companies in India and abroad.