Loepfe expands globally creating local business units in China, India and Turkey


The integration of trusted service partners strengthens relationships with local customers and creates opportunities to collaborate on future product development.

As part of their ongoing commitment to customer-centricity, Loepfe Brothers Ltd. have announced their expansion into China, India and Turkey. The strategic integration of key service partners creates dedicated business units that can provide a local service to customers, while drawing on the international support within the Vandewiele group.

Jürg Schneider, Head of Sales & Service at Loepfe Brrothers Ltd

Decades spent as trusted service partners ensures continuity and stability for clients during the integration period, with experienced and knowledgeable staff continuing to provide customer service and technical support. Further, clients will have the opportunity to impact the company’s future product portfolio more directly. Direct feedback will lead to clients being a key part of solution testing and development, and to products being more closely aligned to their needs.

These strategic moves have been undertaken as part of Loepfe’s long-term goal to provide more direct operational and strategic support to customers in the key markets, Turkey, India and China. The Loepfe business units remain independent within the Vandewiele structure.

Dr. Ralph Mennicke, CEO of Loepfe Brothers Ltd

Jürg Schneider, Head of Sales & Service at Loepfe Brothers Ltd. said: “By being much closer to our customers, we’re able to offer even more effective local installation, training and troubleshooting services. We want to thank our integrated service partners, who have successfully served our customers in key markets for years, for the smooth integration process. Every member of staff will continue to play an integral part in this transition, ensuring stability for our customers.”

Dr. Ralph Mennicke, CEO of Loepfe Brothers Ltd. states: “This strategic move reinforces our commitment to the three markets, Turkey, India and China. Our teams on the ground will provide product updates, upgrades and trainings, while collecting invaluable customer feedback. We warmly welcome each individual within our new business units to the Loepfe family. Their expertise and local insight are key to the success of Loepfe and play an essential part in our ongoing transformation.”