Karl Mayer & Stoll innovative partners for sustainable composite solutions at JEC World

Knitting Technical Textiles

KARL MAYER Technical Textiles and STOLL present themselves as innovative partners for sustainable composite solutions at the JEC World from 25 to 27 April 2023 in Paris.

Processing of flax on the COMP MAX 4

The KARL MAYER GROUP will again be focusing on sustainable textile solutions for reinforcing composites at the upcoming JEC. On Stand L 24 in Hall 25 of the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte, visitors can expect to see a diverse range of semi-finished products and components that score points for their ecological footprint thanks to their production from renewable raw materials and/or minimised waste.

Among the highlights are multiaxial non-crimp fabrics made of flax. The reinforcing structures are produced on KARL MAYER Technische Textilien’s COP MAX 4 multiaxial knitting machines and are used, for example, by the boat-building specialist GREENBOATS. The two companies are working together on various projects and, by pooling their know-how, are developing products that will open up new doors, and not just in the boat-building industry. A sandwich composite with a honeycomb structure in the middle will demonstrate the performance of the innovative reinforcement textile in Paris.

The flat knitting industry also contributes to more sustainability in composites, as STOLL will show at JEC World. The exhibition will focus on the topics of shaped knitted fabrics and thermoplastic forming. Knit to shape branched tubes, partly with reinforced weft, will be on show, which save waste and process steps thanks to their ready-to-use production. In addition, incorporated thermoplastic yarns make the impregnation process superfluous. Furthermore, STOLL has knit to shape parts with thermoplastic forming on a carbon basis and technical knitted fabrics made from renewable raw materials in its trade fair luggage. “With our flat knitting machines, we are completely free in the use of yarns,” says Martin Legner, Head of Technical Textiles Applications at Business Unit STOLL of the KARL MAYER GROUP. He and the entire team at the KARL MAYER GROUP are looking forward to showing visitors to JEC World the possibilities offered by their knitting technology and to discussing new ideas.