Huntsman develops new IROGRAN® TPU grade for Laminating Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles

Technical textile producers manufacturing high performance fabrics for outdoor clothing and other consumer and industrial applications now have a brand-new thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) at their disposal – thanks to global chemical company Huntsman.IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU is a highly versatile elastomer, which can be easily extruded and added to nylon and polyester materials to give them a protective, durable, waterproof layer.

IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU is designed for use in the manufacture of performance garments that need to shield wearers against the elements while they experience outdoor adventures. Added to fabrics, as an extruded film, IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU can give items of clothing, such as raincoats, a highly durable finish, combined with a soft touch.

With a high tensile strength, extruded films made from IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU can aid the stretch and recovery of the materials they are used on – increasing their longevity. This special TPU grade also offers good levels of abrasion and tear resistance, making it ideal for use in bladder applications, in the manufacture of tension fabrics and in industrial textile applications.

As well as delivering significant performance benefits, IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU offers considerable processing advantages over traditional textile laminating TPUs. With a high melt strength, IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU is very stable during production. Tolerant to high forces in its melted, blown state, extruded films made from IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU are far less likely to break during processing. This enables manufacturers to improve production throughput and lower scrap rates, which in turn reduces waste and keeps costs down.

Trent Shidaker, Global Marketing Director, Elastomers at Huntsman, explains more: “Our team has extensive experience in the development of TPUs for textile lamination. IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU takes our work in this sector to the next level. Developed in close cooperation with several of our textile customers, this new TPU grade offers significant improvements over previous generation technologies when it comes to durability, production efficiency and reducing manufacturing waste. The customers we’ve approached to discuss this TPU get really excited when we tell them that we’ve managed to enhance the properties of the grade in its melted state, without compromising any of the key final performance attributes expected of our IROGRAN® materials. We see extensive opportunities for this grade across a range of textile laminating applications and are already getting lots of enquiries from potential customers worldwide.”

Depending on the end-application, films made from IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU can be engineered to have different surface finishes, including gloss, smooth and matte effects.

IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU is the latest addition to a well-established family of elastomer products from Huntsman, which are renowned for their performance in textile applications.

IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU is made at Huntsman Polyurethanes elastomers manufacturing facility in Ringwood Illinois. For more information about the full range of IROGRAN® TPU products available from Huntsman, please contact:

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