Freudenberg unveils comfortemp® and comfortemp® FLEXX thermal insulation solutions at digital ISPO Munich 2021

Technical Textiles

Leading manufacturer of technical textiles, Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel (Freudenberg) is launching 2 thermal insulation solutions, comfortemp® and comfortemp® FLEXX at the digital ISPO Munich. The show is currently underway (February 1-5, 2021) at where Freudenberg is showcasing the 2 solutions aimed at sports and outdoor apparel segments.

Freudenberg is offering its Active Range of sustainable, highly elastic and breathable interlinings and tapes for all types of sportswear and outdoor apparel.

Comfortemp® FLEXX is the first adaptive thermal insulation that features breathable padding with elastic reinforcement elements for intensive sports activities. FLEXX comprises 95% recycled polyester. The uniqueness of FLEXX is that it keeps up with the wearer’s physical movements where the padding expands and becomes breathable and then contracts as the wearer relaxes to give thermal insulation. It keeps the wearer warm even when the material gets wet. Comfortemp® FLEXX has a stretch content of up to 20%.

The flexibility and breathability are ensured by a special technology with which the bonding compound is applied to a carrier material in the form of small dots without using a base material. And even for outer fabrics that do not allow fixation or where no fixation of the interlining is desired, the Active Range offers the ideal solution, which is, sewable interlinings that allow a natural yet elastic feel while retaining the desired shape.

The innovative processing of the padding using reinforcement threads prevents fibre migration through the outer fabric and the material is supplied by the meter. For garment manufacturers, this reduces production time and processing costs. The new padding complies with the OEKO-TEX standard and comfortemp® FLEXX has already been voted as one of the TOP 5 ISPO TexTrends.

Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel has been working on sustainability as a key factor in all its business activities. It recycles around 7 million PET bottles every day making it one of the largest re-users of post-consumer PET bottles in Europe. This is reflected in the Freudenberg Active Range too, where most products are made from at least 70% recycled polyester. Their highly developed adhesive polymers make selected products in the range exceptionally suitable even for complicated outer fabrics that are difficult to process.                                                                      

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