AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH develops HiPerMask, a fully automated line to produce FFP2 and N95 face masks

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HiPerMask, a fully automated production line, from the stables of AUTEFA Solutions is all set to produce protective masks.

The new production line by the leading manufacturer of nonwoven machines and automation solutions is in alignment with the EU FFP2 and FFP3 besides US N95 and N98 standards.

Christian Egger – CEO, AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH

Since last May, when the first machines were installed in Germany and Switzerland AUTEFA Solutions has already sold machines in double digits and are garnering fame due to their high process reliability and high level of productivity.

Christian Egger – CEO, AUTEFA Solutions Germany GmbH shares: “The unique combination of knowledge at AUTEFA in mechanical engineering, nonwovens technology and automation has enabled us to provide customers with a complete solution. We provide them with not only the mask production line, but also with access to premium material, camera-based quality control and a fully automated packaging solution for the final product. These value-additions allow for an economic mask production at the customer end.”

The mechanical and electrical design, production and assembly, software programming and in-house tests take place in Friedberg, Bavaria and Frauenfeld, Switzerland. All parts and components used in the machines are sourced from well-known German and European manufacturers. All the production processes are subject to the ISO 9001-2015 certified quality standards of the machine manufacturer.

AUTEFA Solutions Germany will be the supplier of the additional machines and production lines. In addition to the DACH region, the target countries for sales are all of Europe and the USA.

HiPerMask – State-of-the-art Technology

The new fully automated HiPerMask production line is capable of an output of more than 50000 masks a day. This only highlights AUTEFA Solutions’ expertise and technology knowhow in the production of the FFP/N masks.

The HiPerMask production line comprises unique individual units that work in perfect tandem. These include units catering material feed, nose clip feed and positioning, ultrasonic welding units, ear loops or headband stations, mask folding, punching, and dispensing of the masks into a collection container. An unwinder with 6 stations ensures a warp-free synchronized material feed. The respirator/ mask shape welding is done with EMERSON Branson ultrasonic assembly technology. Other units include a nose clip unit with precise feeding of the nose clips, a printing unit for affixing the labelling on both sides, including individual numbering and the company logo, and a mask folding unit that is equipped with automatic centering by means of a vision sensor and linear unit. As an option, the mask strip welding can be carried out as an ear loop station or as a headband station with band length adjustment.

Another outstanding feature is the shaping and welding of the protective mask contour for different mask sizes and shapes. The automation on the HiPerMask extends to the integration of the packaging machines. This way, the masks can also be automatically packaged in individual bags. The entire process is monitored by a camera-regulated integrated quality control, and carried out with the help of artificial intelligence.

Enabling Ultra-fast Time-to-Market

AUTEFA helps its discerning customers value-added services including full-service packages for starting production and procuring consumables for meltblown and spunbond nonwovens, assistance with certification besides fast time-to-market short delivery timeline.

Their first-ever customer of AUTEFA, univent Medical GmbH, Germany vouches for the successful partnership.

Thomas Vosseler – MD, univent Medical GmbH, Germany says: “Mask production is a new business in Europe. And AUTEFA convinced us that they are a global specialist for nonwoven machines and lines. Our trust in them only built further as they could cater to all our production needs – currently and in the future – which include automated packaging, automated control and head loop stations, children’s masks, besides encompassing all our needs in the production of masks.”

Helping Upgrade Existing Production Technology

AUTEFA is also actively helping manufacturers to modernize their FFP/N mask machines.

André Imhof – CEO, AUTEFA Solutions Switzerland elaborates: “The production of FFP/N protective masks must offer quality, efficiency and improved output. AUTEFA helps customers improve their production output quickly and sustainably with our knowhow and flexible solutions so that they can produce more masks faster and better.” AUTEFA can help upgrade ear loop and head band welding stations, mask shape stamping (for different mask shapes) and mask folding (where the centering is sensor-controlled), besides quality control of the processes and the entire production.   

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