Emtec to present TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at India ITME

Testing Equipment

Germany’s emtec Electronic GmbH will present its TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at the India International Textile Machinery Expo from December 8-13, 2022 at the India Exposition Mart in Noida. The TSA measures softness, smoothness, in-plane stiffness, as well as the deformation and recovery characteristics of a material sample.

Compact enough to fit in a suitcase, yet accurate measuring results: The TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer from emtec Electronic delivers precise data on how fabrics feel to the touch. As a portable, innovative lab device it provides a quick return-on-investment, proving especially useful for on-the-go troubleshooting and quality assurance. Weighing less than 20 kg, the TSA allows textile manufactures to evaluate the haptic feel of their products in a fraction of the time needed for hand-panel testing or other factory equipment.

For instance: Traditional hand-panel testing has long been held as the standard for evaluating fabric comfort. The drawbacks of this method include the time and cost factors. Also, because the results are subjective, many tests are often needed to arrive at a reproducible value. In addition, human testers are unable to reliably distinguish between haptic traits such as softness and smoothness and can only arrive at an overall impression of the material’s haptic quality. The TSA, on the other hand, provides a numerical value for a material’s hand-feel, also known as its handle, along the distinct haptic parameters. This makes it easier for textile manufacturers to pinpoint why one product is preferred over another: Is it because it is softer, smoother, or more flexible? Without concrete data, the answer is anyone’s guess.

emtec Electronic will be attending the International Textile Machinery Expo in Greater Noida, India to demonstrate the operation and explain the measuring principle behind the device. Visitors are invited to stop by and speak to Global Sales Manager Ulli Kasten at Booth Nr. H7AA10 in the Processing Hall for more details.

More information about the event can be found on the following website.