Ecowipes grows Tricell capacity with second Trützschler – Voith CP line

A Carded/Pulp (CP) line for biodegradable composite nonwovens from pulp and viscose fibers.

The first Carded/Pulp line at Ecowipes is a constant success due to surging end product demand from international markets. To spur the company’s growth Trützschler Nonwovens and Voith will supply the second CP Line to the Polish producer.

The carded/pulp technology by Trützschler and Voith delivers both performance and top-quality products. Voith’s BlueLine stock preparation equipment and cylinder mould FloatLip former processes paper-grade pulp, the cost-effective raw material for the paper industry. It delivers an extremely homogeneous wet-laid web. The NCT high-speed card, supplied by Trützschler Nonwovens, lays a light-weight layer of viscose or lyocell fibers on top of it. This configuration allows for a precise layering and an efficient dewatering. Trützschler’s AquaJet entangles both layers into an inseparable composite nonwoven with superior functionality. A multi-drum dryer and a powerful winder complete the production line which allows for productions speeds up to 300 m/min.

The next chapter: building ground for Ecowipes’ new plant

Ecowipes recipe for success is a market high pulp content in the wipe material thus bringing down production costs significantly. For optimising its production processes, Ecowipes relies on digital solutions delivered especially for the old and the new Trützschler/Voith line.

Gabriel Kermiche puts it this way: “Trützschler and Ecowipes walked a long way together. When Voith and Trützschler came up with its industrial-scale CP technology a couple of years ago, we took the risk – and it paid. Even faster than we thought. Our CP products are in high demand in Poland, in Europe and even overseas. Based on that technology and with our own in-house process innovations we have developed our patented Tricell substrate.”