Prism Textile Machinery: Pioneering Innovation in Advanced Technology Solutions


In a candid discussion, Mr. Narendra Vansjalia, Managing Director of Prism Textiles Machinery, sheds light on the remarkable journey of the company and its vision for the future.

Prism Textiles Machinery has emerged as a leader in specialized textile machinery solutions over the past 14 years. To gain insight into their journey of progress, we sat down with Mr. Narendra Vansjalia, the founder and Managing Director of the company.

Mr. Vansjalia shared the inspiration behind establishing Prism Textiles Machinery in 2010. With over 44 years of experience in the industry of Fabric manufacturing as well as Machinery, he noticed a need for customized equipment tailored to India’s unique fibers and processes. Recognizing that most available machinery was designed overseas without considering India’s specific requirements, he aimed to bridge this gap by developing innovative solutions from the ground up, focusing on local textiles.

Journey so far

Reflecting on Prism’s journey since its inception, Mr. Vansjalia highlighted several milestones. Initially focusing on basic preparatory machines for cotton, the company rapidly evolved. By 2013, they had delivered their first multi-process denim fabric plant named Ultra Denim ltd entirely manufactured in-house, showcasing their engineering capabilities. Venturing into technical textiles in 2011-12 with a composite yarn machine, Prism continued expanding its portfolio and clientele domestically and internationally.

Narendra Vansjalia – Managing Director, Prism Textile Machinery

Currently, Prism operates under one roof at a large facility spanning over 3,200 square meters in Ahmedabad’s textile hub. With a workforce of 50+ engineers, they can manufacture 100-150 machines annually, ranging from basic units to turnkey projects. To date, Prism has delivered over 1,000 Standard & customized machines worldwide. Prism has integrated numerous user-friendly, quality-enhancing, energy-saving, and eco-friendly features into their machines to align with the sustainability demands of the present era.

Products and Solutions

Prism’s diverse product range caters to both conventional and technical textiles, offering comprehensive preparatory solutions for conventional textiles such as Warping & Sizing for Shirting, Suiting, terry towels, and bed sheets. Their expertise in denim processing extends to Slasher Dyeing and Rope dyeing, complemented by machinery for processes like singing and Sanforizing (Shrinking Range), as well as Inspection and Packing machinery. In the realm of technical textiles, Prism’s offerings include composite yarn machines tailored for Woven and Non-woven industries, serving a wide spectrum of applications from defense to infrastructure and agro-textiles. They also specialize in crafting customized machinery for PP tape yarn, Glass fibre yarn, and carbon fibre yarn, meeting specific customer requirements.


Looking ahead, Prism aims to expand the reach of ‘Make in India’ through advanced textile technology. They strive to develop Industry 4.0-ready automated systems and digitalize processes for enhanced productivity and quality. While immediate capacity expansion may not be warranted, Prism is exploring strategic overseas partnerships to set up integrated factories and R&D hubs in promising markets. At home, they will continue maximizing output through lean manufacturing and optimizing resource utilization, solidifying their stance as a pioneering global firm propelling textile innovations from India.

In conclusion, Mr. Vansjalia expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders who have supported Prism’s growth since its inception. As an Indian company, Prism takes pride in contributing to the nation’s technical prowess and manufacturing strength through advanced machinery solutions. With continued cooperation across segments, Mr. Vansjalia is confident that the textile sector will scale new heights and play a vital role in India’s rise as a global manufacturing powerhouse. Prism remains fully committed to this journey of progress.