Canalair acquisition marks milestone for Braga Family


The Braga family, led by Maurizio Braga, founder, along with his two sons, Carolina and Leonardo, proudly announces the complete acquisition of Canalair S.r.l., a globally recognized company specializing in filtration and air conditioning systems for the industrial sector. This strategic move, finalized recently, signifies a significant step forward for the family and outlines the future trajectory of the company.

Established in 1991 by Maurizio and other shareholders, Canalair S.r.l. has amassed extensive expertise in the treatment and management of process and environmental air across various industries, including Textile, Nonwoven, Disposable, Tissue, Paper, and Food sectors. Situated in the Bergamo region for over 33 years, the company has built a substantial customer base both domestically and internationally, driven by its commitment to product quality and exceptional service, thus establishing itself as a market leader.

The acquisition of Canalair S.r.l. presents a compelling opportunity for the Braga family to further diversify their market presence and expand into new sectors, with a keen focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This strategic move underscores the family’s enduring commitment to innovation and growth, as they aim to pioneer new applications and systems.

In reaffirming their dedication to the company’s growth trajectory, Maurizio Braga, President of the company, expressed confidence in the future outlook, stating, “Despite global uncertainties and market challenges, our vision for 2024 and beyond remains optimistic.” He further emphasized the significance of continuity, highlighting the integral role of the second generation, Carolina and Leonardo, who bring a fresh perspective and a strong inclination towards technological innovation and customized solutions.

With the helm now firmly in their hands, the Braga family is poised to steer the company towards achieving its strategic objectives while upholding its core values and unique identity. Maurizio Braga concluded, “Our mission is clear: to strive for excellence and to surpass all set goals, as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our journey.”