A.T.E. joins hands with Ramina to provide spunbond, meltblown & composite solutions to Indian technical textile industry

Partnership Technical Textiles

A.T.E. joins hands with Ramina Srl, Italy, to provide spunbond, meltblown and composite solutions to the Indian technical textile industry.

Ramina Srl, Italy, is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of spunbond, meltblown, and composite lines for the booming non-woven industry.

Ramina is reputed for providing the best equipment, from be it for individual machines or for turnkey plants. They provide a comprehensive range of solutions for many applications, such as hygiene and medical textiles, geotextiles, roofing material, construction material, agriculture, food, packaging, filtration, furniture, clothing, automotive, etc.

Ramina is a strategic partner for many customers and always strives to provide high-tech customised and flexible solutions to produce a wide variety of nonwoven products.

Ramina has a strong R&D set-up where they have created many products, including the latest and most innovative pilot SMS Line “Leonardo 1.0” which was showcased at the recent ITMA. The Leonardo is especially sought after as it helps to provide bespoke solutions as per the end customers’ needs.

With a core team of expert technicians, Ramina is also committed to provide prompt and dependable service support from the initial project planning phase to after-sale service.

A.T.E. is pleased to present Ramina’s technology to the Indian technical textile industry that is looking for new avenues for growth.