Weavetech showcases Innovative Solutions Twisting & Coating of Technical Yarns at Techtextil 2024 in Frankfurt.


Techtexil 2024 at Frankfurt represents the most innovative technologies in the world of technical textiles. Anyone visiting is bound to leave with new ideas, new understandings & renewed focus on what makes Technical Textiles the sunrise sector of the textile industry.

Weavetech, India’s leading solution provider for Twisting, Cabling, Covering, Winding & Coating Technical Yarns, exhibits at Hall 12.C03 from April 23-26 with a poster & video show highlighting it’s range of products & solutions.

Understanding the highly technical requirements & controls that applications in this field require, Weavetech will introduce latest advancements in:


With it’s highly successful Universal Twister UT-series of TFO Twisters, Weavetech now launches PRECISION TWISTERS which can provide 10-14 Kg precision-wound packages for applications in Creel Weaving & Kniting. The technology eliminates an additional process of ReWinding by offering Precision Winding directly onto the TFO Twister. This conserves tenacity which is normally lost at
each additional process. Additionally, it provides shorter lead times, lower manpower, reduced wastage all at the lowest energy consumption.


With increasing demands of continuous Winding for yarn coating processes, Weavetech’s UW-series of Winders now have an IN-LINE PRECISION WINDER setup which can be integrated & synchronised to any yarn processing lines including coating, heating, shrinking etc to provide large knotless Precision-Wound packages.

With demands of HYBRID or Co-MINGLE yarns, Weavetech’s highly modular Universal Winder, UWseries, now comes with options & attachments which allows one to create Hybrid / Blended / CoMingle yarns of different properties for further processing including Twisting, Covering or Coating.


Cone-2-Cone Yarn Coating lines with fully synchronized systems from unwinding, dipping, squeezing, drying, splitting & winding are the newest offering by Weavetech to the Technical Textile Industry. The lines comes with fully electric heating either through Electric Thermic Heaters or even through Infrared Heating systems, both providing a competive advantage of green sustainability by allowing
usage of renewable energy sources.


Flexibility – being the focus in this industry which regularly requires short production runs for low quality orders, it becomes a competive advantage when we turn our infrastructure to respond to such needs. Weavetech now offers all machines in “Laboratory Scale” setups with full flexibility to cover a wide range of yarns & applications. The LabSCALE range of machines in available in Twisting,

Covering, Winding & Coating processes. So setup your Lab with LabSCALE range of Weavetech Machines & offer a service to your buyers that becomes a competive advantage over time.

Weavetech at TechTextil 2024, represents an ideal opportunity to meet & discuss about the innovative solutions to various problems that one might be facing.

Weavetech, India’s leading solution provider for Twisting, Cabling, Covering, Winding & Coating Technical Yarns, exhibits at Hall 12.C03 from April 23-26. Come, visit & discuss.