Tonello has been revolutionizing garment dyeing for fifty years


With its increasingly comprehensive range of technologies, Tonello has been transforming and driving the entire dyeing industry for fifty years. And with DyeMate it takes another leap into the future.

Alice Tonello, R&D and Marketing Director, Tonello

Since 1975, Tonello has continued to lead the evolution of the entire garment dyeing industry with its state-of-the-art machines, the result of an ongoing commitment to responsibility and innovation. With a truly unique expertise and a range of technologies designed to meet different needs and treat virtually all types of fibers, the company is responding effectively and promptly to the growing demand for advanced dyeing solutions.

Broadness and completeness are the flagship of an offering that includes solutions for a very wide variety of fibers – from natural, such as cotton, to man-made and synthetic, such as polyester and polyamide – and is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact, in line with the increasingly urgent and widespread demand for sustainable production processes. In fact, Tonello technologies enable intelligent automation of garment-dyeing processes and significantly reduce consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

Today, Tonello’s full range of dyeing technologies is the clearest emblem of its growth-from sampling to production, for all types of fibers and effects. Toward top energy savings and absolute responsibility.

From the smallest dyeing machine, the G1 Lab, designed to test and fine-tune processes in the laboratory before replicating them on a large scale, to atmospheric machines for sampling and production, designed to work with a low liquor ratio and high-speed system, and also available in a steam-pocket version for indirect heating of the dye bath, to high-temperature machines, also available from sampling to production and designed for dyeing polyester garments and derived blends.

We celebrate these fifty years of Tonello’s history “at the service of dyeing” by recalling the first machine in 1975 and emphasizing the importance of DyeMate, the latest technology that has set the new standard in Indigo dyeing and is acclaimed by a success that is growing day by day. And it is precisely DyeMate that once again confirms Tonello’s pioneering role in developing innovative technologies designed always with the utmost attention to environmental efficiency and responsibility.

In short, Tonello continues to inspire and drive innovation in garment finishing at all levels. And dyeing is no exception.

Watch the video made to celebrate 50 years of dyeing history by clicking here.