Sangam Group expresses unyielding confidence in Yamuna Machine Work’s portfolio

Dr. S N Modani, Managing Director, Sangam Group

Since its founding in 1984, the Sangam Group has been one of India’s major players in the textile sector. Flourishing on many levels, they are currently the largest manufacturer of Polyester Viscose (PV) Dyed Yarn, a leading manufacturer of denim in India and boast presence in over 50 countries. Presently, the company owns a weaving plant that has a yearly output of 30 million metres of yarn and 48 million metres of denim fabric as well as a processing facility that can handle 72 million metres per annum.

They have also established themselves as major participants in the cotton knitting industry and have access to over 2,80,000 spindles. Sangam Suitings, the group’s flagship brand, is distributed through a network of 10,000 retailers spread across India. The guiding principles established by the organization’s acclaimed managing director, Mr. Niwas Modani, may be credited with the company’s success in any endeavour it chooses to engage in. The Sangam group works hard to provide trustworthy products of renowned quality, created in a sustainable manner, with the goal of offering innovative solutions to its consumers.

Additionally, Mr. Modani asserts that it is the primary responsibility of their business to make sure that their success advances India’s position as a major global textile powerhouse. Mr. Modani is adamant that their success is due in large part, to tight adherence to a well-planned strategy involving margins and machinery running expenses, and states that Sangam’s partnership with Yamuna Machine Works, has been greatly compatible with this business plan. Oft hailed as a stalwart manufacturer of textile machinery, Yamuna Machine Works has dedicated itself to maintaining an innovative and customer centric approach, that has long enabled it to make the best possible contributions to the textile sector. They proffer a remarkable range of cutting-edge, sustainable textile machinery that places prime importance on energy efficiency and water frugality.

Their diverse portfolio includes Hot Air Stenters, Denim Furnishing Range, Hydraulic Jiggers, Coating Lines, Singeing Machines and Thermobonding lines, all of which have been manufactured to meet global standards of excellence. Furthermore, they have machinery that is uniquely tailored to cater to particular segments of the textile industry, with focus on finishing equipment, as a by-product of ongoing innovation on the part of their excellent in-house research and development department.
The 16-year-old relationship between the Sangam Group and Yamuna Machine Works, is one based on trust and reliability. Since their first purchase in 2006, Mr Modani came to understand that the strong importance that Yamuna placed on constant innovation would make for a valuable long-term investment.

Indeed, the reason that the Sangam group remains a loyal customer to this day is because of how well-placed Yamuna is in terms of value proposition. Their machines are renowned for being on par with European textile machinery in terms of quality and performance and offer the best value to the clients. Additionally, the business has always been customer-focused and offers an impressive level of after sales service, which is highly valued by its clients. In the eyes of its customers, Yamuna Machine Works stands above its competitors due to its world quality technology offered at very reasonable rates, trustworthiness, honesty, and commitment to strive for client happiness.

Moreover, the importance that those at Yamuna Machine Works have placed on technical know-how and stellar after sales services was not missed by Mr Modani. Yamuna displays an unmatched diligence towards ensuring that any technical issues that may arise with their machines are immediately attended to by their team of well-trained technicians all of whom display professional demeanour and prompt service as and when the client requires. Meticulous after sales service not only demonstrates quality product handling, but also the value Yamuna places on forging bonds with its clientele. Cultivating and maintaining good relations with a wide network of clients, and constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate have been the primary reasons why the Sangam group has and will continue to be their staunch allies.

“Since the inception of our partnership, I had faith that Yamuna would certainly make technological breakthroughs in the realm of textile machinery. Stellar quality, at reasonable pricing has today become a forte of Yamuna machines”