Manjushree Spntek – Pioneering Innovations in Spunmelt Nonwovens for a Sustainable Future

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Manjushree Spntek, a venture of the renowned Manjushree Ventures Group, was established with a vision to deliver world-class Spunmelt Nonwoven solutions to discerning customers in India and beyond. Driven by a commitment to high-quality products and customer satisfaction, the company has quickly made its mark in the competitive technical textile market. In this article, we explore Manjushree Spntek’s products, cutting-edge technology, sustainability initiatives, and its future vision.

Mr. Vimal Kedia, Group Chairman of Manjushree Ventures with Mr. Rajat Kedia, Founder & MD, Manjushree Spntek

The Journey of Manjushree Spntek

Mr. Vimal Kedia, Group Chairman of Manjushree Ventures, expressed, “Manjushree Spntek was conceived with an idea to provide world-class Spunmelt Nonwoven solutions to discerning customers in India and abroad who believe in high quality and consistency of product. We are part of the Manjushree Ventures Group which has diversified business interests in packaging, healthcare, and finance.”

Manjushree Spntek is a group company of Manjushree Ventures, which previously owned Manjushree Technopack Ltd – South Asia’s largest rigid plastic packaging provider.

Manjushree Technopack caters to the packaging requirements of over 300 clients globally, including brands like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Unilever, Diageo, Reckitt, Pfizer, Mondelez, and more, with over $180 million in revenue and $34 million in gross earnings. In 2020, the founders sold their stake in Manjushree Technopack to Global PE, Advent Intl., exiting the business. Manjushree Spntek, started production in January 2023.

Products and Solutions

Manjushree Spntek specialises in manufacturing high performance spunmelt Nonwovens for the medical, hygiene and high end industrial applications. For the medical sector – they manufacture the base fabric or (untreated) fabric confirming to AAMI levels 1,2 & 3 with high hydro heads and at the lowest weight category in its class.

Their offline treatment system also provide high-end AR-AS (Alcohol repellent / Anti Static) coating which corresponds to AR7 and AR9 chemistry. Overall, a full package for infection control apparel.

For the hygiene sector – their product range includes low basis weight products starting from 8gsm upwards and deliver all standard products of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature. Specialised products include soft and the ultra soft range and the super absorbents. By virtue of having an offline treatment system; they can also provide specialised coatings like anti- bacterial, anti-microbials and natural botanical extracts like aloe vera, chamomile or minerals for added functionality.

The industrial segment products include custom designed fabrics for achieving fire retardant properties, anti toxicity and a range of uses which is currently being developed by their R&D.

Technological Advantages and Differentiation

Located in Bangalore, Manjushree Spntek benefits from excellent connectivity and a robust infrastructure. The plant is designed for optimal resource utilization and adheres to high Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. Equipped with Reifenhäuser Reicofil’s latest Smart Spunmelt technology, the company ensures consistent product quality and operational flexibility. The annual production capacity stands at 11,500 tons.

As a greenfield project, Manjushree Spntek has been operational for just six months. During this short span, they have catered to several customers with their standard offerings.

Currently, their value-enhanced treated fabrics are under qualification at their customers end and they expect to cater to major global brands in the medical and hygiene industry by the year-end. The company is also working on over 30 R&D projects, emphasizing their dedication to innovation and growth.

Investing in Best Global Technology

Manjushree has invested in the best available global technology for Nonwovens, particularly for the Medical and Hygiene products. The company has invested in state-of-art Reifenhäuser Reicofil’s (Germany) Smart Spunmelt technology. Reifenhäuser Reicofil, part of the Reifenhäuser Group, is a specialist and leading global manufacturer of complete spunbond, meltblown, and composite lines that meet the highest quality requirements in hygiene, medicine, and filtration. Reifenhäuser Reicofil is a business unit of the Reifenhäuser Group and looks back on 50 years of experience and has 250 employees.

A.Celli is another key supplier for the project, including the spunmelt nonwovens treatment, slitting, and automated reel packaging. Manjushree Spntek has invested in a complete turnkey line for the treatment of nonwoven dedicated to the medical industry, including a non-stop shafted unwind stand and an E-WIND® STREAM IN-LINE automatic winder with in-line slitting. All this combined with an A.Celli E-WIND® RAPID-K rewinder and an R-WAY® automatic packaging line characterized by horizontal and vertical radial wrapping systems equipped with automatic foam application.

The company’s investment in Reifenhäuser Reicofil’s Smart Spunmelt technology enables them to offer fabric with several key advantages compared to competitors:

Finer Filaments: Fabric with 25% finer filaments ensures superior web uniformity.
Enhanced Softness: Their fabrics possess enhanced softness and thickness, providing a superior feel at lower grammages.
High Hydro Head: The fabric exhibits high hydro head, ensuring superior protection.
Better Tensile Properties: Manjushree Spntek’s fabrics boast 7-10% better tensile properties, enhancing their strength and durability.

“Together with our treatment line, we can offer fabrics with unique coatings and functionality for both the medical and hygiene markets, which is otherwise not available in the Indian market,” adds Mr. Rajat Kedia.

The medical treatment line is designed to process spunmelt fabric with a width of 3600 mm and a basis weight from 20 to 80 gsm at 150 m/min.

Sustainable Focus and Initiatives

ESG is a top priority for Manjushree Spntek. Their plant design incorporates sustainable construction, green spaces, and rainwater harvesting, along with a significant emphasis on renewable energy usage. The company plans to buy 100% of its energy requirement from renewable sources and aims to be water-positive. On the product front, they are investing in research for biodegradable & compostable materials, new organic coatings, viral barrier products, and lightweighting.

Future Growth Plans and Vision for 2025

As a relatively new entrant in the industry, Manjushree Spntek is currently focused on utilizing its existing capacity to the fullest. Customer feedback and market trends will guide their growth trajectory. Alongside capacity expansion, the company aims to explore product adjacencies and collaborate closely with customers to address emerging industry trends.

Their vision for 2025 and beyond is to be a leader in innovative Spunmelt Nonwoven solutions, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future for the industry.

Manjushree Spntek’s rapid progress in the textile industry is a testament to its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a strong foundation and a focus on customer-centricity, the company is poised for exponential growth in the coming years.

Embracing new technologies and sustainable practices, Manjushree Spntek is committed to shaping the future of Spunmelt Nonwovens and driving positive change in the industry.